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Online Casino

Best Online Casinos for Smartphones in 2022

More and more gambling people choose to play outside the home: on the way to work, between meetings. That is why mobile online casinos are in demand, since they are essentially the same entertainment site, only simplified. The software is developed by specialists to be used on gadgets while maintaining the same design and lightweight interface.

Why Play on a Mobile Device?

The number of smartphone and tablet users is growing inexorably. That’s why the companies providing gaming content first create an app version right after developing the main website. A mobile app is a product of any prestigious licensed platform, as a gaming club needs to cover the entire spectrum of its target audience. In 2022, more than 70% of visitors to gambling sites run slots and other simulators from a smartphone.

Besides, the funding options available on mobile casinos are improving by the day. For instance, New Zealand gamers can wager on listed $1 Deposit casinos from the comfort of their smartphones. This means they can claim bonuses from such a $1 and wager on top legal sites for a small investment. Here are some suggestions of sites to play on.

N1 Casino

It is operated by N1 Interactive Limited, which was established on June 22, 2017. Nothing else is known about it. Other than the fact that in addition to the N1 platform, it has six other gambling sites under management. The license is issued in Malta. It is already suitable for many casinos.

In total, there are about 1,500 gambling slots. In the games section, visitors will find different categories into which they are divided: novelties, top, exclusive, multi-line, and so on. There is no filter by the provider in the slot’s menu, as in other mobile casinos, and this would make it much easier to find the software you like.

Advantages of N1 Casino:

  • Large selection of promotional bonuses.
  • Over 3,000 slots.
  • Large mobile casino bonus offers.
  • A variety of banking options.

The list of manufacturers whose video slots are present in the casino collection includes IGT, NetEnt, NextGen, Quickspin, Push Gaming, Blueprint mobile gaming, SG Interactive, and others. The free-to-play operator allows only registered users. Without authorization, demo versions are not run. Generally, the level of quality of services can be characterized as average.

Classic Casino

On smartphones, Classic Casino users have the opportunity to play slot machines for free or bet real money. If you don’t have an account, you can register one right now because the mobile casino apps version supports all existing functions. These include opening an account, activating bonuses, participating in tournaments, and so on.

The benefits that this gaming site offer to players, especially gamers in New Zealand, are impressive. Together with a chance to play on mobile, players at Classic Casino know they are playing at a reputable site. It also comes with the best customer support and a huge welcome bonus of $500 for new players. Don’t forget to check out the promotions for regular players.

The main share of mobile casino games is represented by Microgaming. The catalog includes different versions of roulette, poker, blackjack, and other card and table entertainment. There are even a few exclusive showdowns, such as Wheel of Fortune, hi-lo, or monopoly. For the most part, the level of quality of service provided can be described as well above average.

Advantages of Classic Casino:

  • Players are not restricted in how they can make deposits.
  • Large bonuses in casino apps for recharging your account.
  • The possibility of making a minimum deposit.
  • Fast registration

Jackpot City

For users who prefer to run slots or play with real dealers on their phones, Jackpot city provides the opportunity. For this purpose, a version of the site adapted for the screens of mobile devices was developed. The only difference from the desktop casino version is the structure of the pages. The menu is modified in favor of convenience. It does not clutter the already small screen of the phone, remaining hidden until you click on the appropriate button. Download the client Jackpot city can only play poker. We recommend the casino to all gamblers.

Benefits of Jackpot city:

  • The online casino includes a rewards program.
  • 96% RTP.
  • Bonuses for new and regular customers.
  • Cashback of 10% on lost deposits in casino games.
  • Competent support team.

Spin Casino

Spin Casino is a great choice for gamblers who prefer live slots. There are several dozen live games in a special live section. There is no division into categories. All available services are displayed on one page. Therefore, it is quite fast and convenient to search for the table of interest with blackjack, poker, or another online casino discipline.

Advantages of Spin Casino:

  • Generous bonus program.
  • The mobile casino games host exciting tournaments for active customers.
  • The site presents slots from the best providers.

Mobile casino tournaments are collected in the section with the loud name Battlegrounds. Events are held regularly. Participants have the opportunity to win real money, which is distributed among the winners according to a special table.

Ruby Fortune Casino

Ruby Fortune Casino has a good selection of card and table gambling games. Users will find different versions of poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, etc. For convenience, the operator has divided them into categories. You can also use the search by name, which allows you to quickly find the desired game by a few letters.

Advantages of Ruby Fortune Casino:

There are two ways to contact casino support: e-mail and online chat. Consultants work around the clock and try to help customers. The level of quality of services provided is high.


Mobile casino apps to play are now a priority for many clubs. Betting on a smartphone is much more convenient than on a computer. A gambler can play on favorite slots at any place and time. It is important to remember that preference should be given only to safe and trusted applications. 

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