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Surviv.io: The Battle Royale of a New, Endless Era


Surviv.io began as a concept for an endless battle game in October of 2017. The start was simple and basic, where players could only play solo rounds with no sound. Ergo, you never heard anyone coming to slaughter your character.

However, the game has grown exponentially since then, with patches to add sound, duo or team options, numerous game modes, lots of new weapons and accessories, and a bunch of cool visuals that make the 2D style all the more fun. There’s even a YouTube channel specifically for Surviv.io, where fans (there are well-over 100,000) can receive game updates and throw in their own suggestions to make gameplay even better.

Let’s talk weapons for a second…

There are some awesome weapons in Surviv.io, and many of them can be found through either looting buildings or punching bushes and rocks. If you want something close combat, then your fists are your first go-to. Nothing quite like pummeling the life out of an unsuspecting opponent. Or, if close contact without melee is more your expertise, go for the pistols and shotguns. There are three options apiece for these types of weapons, and each one packs a punch of power to send your enemies spiraling into oblivion.


Then there are the high-powered weapons. Those that are perfection for long-distance kills. These include sniper or assault rifles, and sub or light machine guns. There are even grenades hidden throughout the map, perfect for long-distance massacres of multiple opponents at once. But be aware that there are two types of grenades. The frags, which are explosives, and the smokes. You could always use a smoke grenade to flush out your opponents, then pick them off from a distance with your assaults.

  • Never punch a barrel. These are explosive barrels, so punching them would lead to your death. Stand at a distance, wait for enemies to gather close to the barrels, and shoot it. Their quick, fiery deaths will add to your kill counts.
  • If you opt for melee attacks because you love the thrill of pounding your opponent to death, make sure they don’t have a high-powered weapon first. Fists can deal death blows to opponents with low-powered, weak guns, but they don’t stand a chance against machine guns or sniper rifles at close range.
  • Keep in mind that Surviv.io bullets bounce back. Steer clear of firing at buildings or walls, as you might get bit by your own bullet.

The Biggest Complaints and Design Flaws:

Alongside suggestions, the developers accept info and complaints about any design flaws or concept imperfections that gamers would like improved or taken out altogether. Here are the top two complaints on design flaws.

  • Most players harbor the misconception that there’s no way to refuel their ammo after their guns are empty. Why? Because they don’t know where the ammo is. Instead of being shaped like bullets or classic ammunition, Surviv.io ammo is placed in colorful blocks around the map. You have to break these blocks to reload your weapons, but it would be easier if gamers could look at ammunition from the beginning and know that it was ammo.
  • io is strictly, currently a web-based game, so it can be incompatible with apps and mobile devices. Thousands of gamers use their mobile devices to banish boredom throughout the day, so it would be beneficial to get the game to a point where it could be played from any platform, anywhere. Understandably though, the game is less than a year old, and while it has come a long way, it still has a way to go.

If You Prefer Playing Solo…

  • io might be better played solo since you may not want to share your success with anyone else. Being the best of the best alone means you have all the bragging rights.
  • It’s easier to move around and work your own strategies when you opt to go solo. There are several different game modes, and not all of them are compatible with a team. But all of them are perfect for a solo slayer, such as yourself.
  • Feeling sneaky? It’s easier to sneak up on someone to slaughter them when you go solo. Traveling with a pack draws unnecessary attention and just makes you a bigger target.

If You Prefer Playing with a Team…

  • Teams give you a certain degree of protection that you wouldn’t have if you played solo. Your team is your pack—you have their back and they have yours. Ergo, you form a protective barrier that not only keeps you safe but allows you to slaughter opponents as a roving unit.
  • Sure, it’s great to be sneaky, but teams can use silent strategy to surround an opponent, or several opponents, and take them down together.

Is Surviv.io a Waste of Time?

In essence, Surviv.io is a time waster, not a waste of time. There is a difference. Wastes of time usually make you feel guilty, like you shouldn’t be doing something because you could be doing something better or more productive. But time wasters are boredom busters, and that’s the category Surviv.io would fall under. This game is a boredom banisher, a stress reliever—something you play when you want to zone out, relax, and leave reality behind for a little while. It’s the type of game you play on Poki after a long day at the office or in a classroom.

Every .io game is a time waster, but not in a bad way. These games are endless, with no clear-cut objective, so you can play until you have had your fill and then stop to do other things. There’s nothing to save, nothing to come back to—only strategies to build and skills to improve upon. Sure, Surviv.io involves a level of sharp mind and keen focus, but there’s no storyline to remember. It’s kill or be killed—and that is an objective you can easily master in your personal mission to be the best of the best.

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