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You Can Save Fifty Percent off the Purchase Price of Every Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Product Until the end of the Month of May


Now is a good time to stock up on low-cost Animal Crossing companions to add to your town.

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The Animal Crossing: New Horizons line from Build-A-Bear is currently on sale for 50% off the original price through the 30th of April, making this a wonderful time to purchase a new stuffed animal companion. The sale will continue until the 30th of April. You will not have the opportunity to hand-stuff Tom Nook on your own because the promotion can only be accessed through the Build-A-Bear website. Sorry! The guidelines are not subject to my discretion.

This sale includes Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well as all of its downloadable content, which includes two different versions of Tom Nook and Isabelle, K.  K.  Slider, and all of the game’s accessories. As a direct consequence of this change, the price of the stuffed animals in this line that are currently the most expensive (Tom Nook and Isabelle in a winter gift set with theme music) will be reduced from $52 to $26. The Build-A-Bear New Horizons Bell bag and present accessories can now be purchased for $3 rather than the previous price of $6. This represents a price reduction of 50%.

Build-A-Bear is selling, in addition to the Animal Crossing: New Horizons stuffed animals themselves, a New Horizons pajama-clad bunny, and a teddy bear. Both of these animals are available for purchase. There is the current inventory of all of these items, animal crossing clothes which can be purchased at the new low price of $24.75 per unit. If you already have a stuffed animal that you want to dress up, you can purchase pajamas with a video game motif for that animal separately for a combined price of $6.75.

TOM NOOK DRESSED FOR THE WINTER SEASON, COMPLETE WITH ORIGINAL THEME MUSIC Build-A-Bear has lowered the price of the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Tom Nook plushie, which was originally priced at $52, to $26. Customers can now purchase the plushie at the retailer. It comes with Tom Nook, animal crossing flowers a winter outfit, and a stuffed version of the New Horizons theme music that is concealed within Tom Nook’s paw.(The song will begin to play if you choose to use that button.)

ISABELLE’S SUMMER OUTFIT, COMPLETE WITH SOUND BITES Isabelle, the playable character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, comes outfitted in a summer shirt and skort and includes a sound bite that is embedded in her hand. Isabelle’s summer outfit is also complete with sound bites. There are approximately five different phrases contained within the sound bite. She was originally listed at $44, but her price has been reduced to $22.

K.  K.  SLIDER WITH AN ORIGINAL TUNE The performer’s disco song is embedded into the K.  K.  Slider’s paw, and this particular K.  K.  Slider bundle includes it. It goes without saying that it also contains his guitar, but there is no clothing in there. K. K.  Slider is always naked. The initial price of $44 has been dropped down to the current level of $22 for him.

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