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End of the world movies

5 Best End of the World Movies to Watch in 2021

Ever since last year, the world has been watching a microscopic virus affect people’s lives in ways we could never have imagined. The virus brought about theories regarding the end of the world.

 There have been such theories that keep resurfacing the news and internet from time to time, none of which has ever come true and remains only hypothetical.

With that being said, there are many films based on different ways the world would see its end. These movies aren’t recent or inspired by the pandemic; instead, some movies on this list were made many years before today’s situation.

These are the most intriguing movies based on the end of the world that you must watch in 2021! 

The Day After Tomorrow 

The Day After Tomorrow came out in 2004, but the movie certainly was way ahead of its time! The earth has seen a drastic climate change all along, and this movie focuses on just that. 

It is a science fiction film based on The Coming Global Superstorm, a book published in 1999. The film depicts a global climatic cooling that leads to a new ice age. 

The movie is centered around the United States and the effects of the North Atlantic Ocean flooding the country. 

Even though the protagonists of the film are centered in the USA, the movie showcases different parts of the world affected by climate change. No one was prepared for this disaster to strike the planet, and the film shows us people’s fight for survival. 

This movie is fascinating with its storyline and realistic graphics. The Day After Tomorrow also faced heavy criticism because of its scientific inaccuracies. Nevertheless, this movie will have you on the edge of your seat and enlighten you to pay closer attention to our planet and how we are collectively responsible for the implications the earth faces right now.

War of the Worlds

This end of the world film is bound to give you goosebumps and chills! If you’re someone who enjoys science fiction and has a great interest in aliens, then this movie is for you.

War of the Worlds stars Tom Cruise and a young Dakota Fanning in this bone-chilling experience of a movie. Steven Spielberg directed the film, which already tells us that we can expect a great outcome from this adaptation of a book. 

The movie revolves around alien pods buried underground centuries ago that are resurrected through energy sources from what looks like lightning. This exciting film gives us a taste of what the world would look like if it were to be invaded by aliens. 

The storyline and idea of the film are excellent. Graphics in this movie are not top-notch, but it does give us a sense of a movie in the early 2000s with great acting and mediocre editing and graphics. 

I am Legend

Every one of us would consider ourselves a legend if we were Robert Neville (played by Will Smith) in this post-apocalyptic film; I am Legend. 

The movie is based around a virus that wipes out most of humanity. Scientists and medical professionals formulated a cure that helps combat cancer, but its effects on humans turn them into unrecognizable creatures. 

Robert Neville is the only standing man in New York City trying to find a cure for this virus and protect himself from these creatures that once were humans.

The film that was released in 2007 took most of its inspiration from the novel I Am Legend and feature films like Last Man On Earth and The Omega Man.

If you are a lover of classic films and have already watched the two, this film’s adaptation based in the 20th century will blow your mind!

Leave it to Will Smith to deliver his impeccable acting alongside realistic make-up and graphics that the crew of I Am Legend offers. 

How It Ends

How It Ends might frighten you with how realistic the movie is. Like the title of the film suggests, it showcases an apocalyptic-like situation filled with action and thrill.

The movie begins to catch pace when there is a loud boom sound that is heard in the city of Seattle, and the events that follow them involve chaotic people trying to survive what seems like an apocalyptic situation. 

There is not much that is explained, but one thing is understood. The world is coming to an end, and people must survive against all odds. 

This movie is compelling because of the realistic fears and needs portrayed among individuals trying to survive. 

The film focuses on actors Theo James and Forest Whitaker, who are incredible in their craft. They are faced with all sorts of challenges while trying to make a journey from Chicago to Seattle. It is so captivating that you are bound to feel like you are traveling with them. 


Was Contagion supposed to be highly accurate with predicting the future as well? This movie was released in 2011, is based on a virus that spreads through respiratory droplets and fomites (objects contaminated with the virus and exposed to new hosts). 

Yes, it sounds familiar, right? The movie revolves around a virus outbreak that causes deaths of people that only increase by the day. The masses are restless, and government and medical authorities try different ways to identify, contain and find a vaccination for this disease.

It sounds all too familiar to us, quarantined in our homes due to the pandemic. Although made close to a decade before the current outbreak of the virus, the film is shockingly similar to situations the world faces today. 

It stars excellent actors like Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cottilard, Jude Law, and many others. It is certainly a gripping and thrilling film that you must watch! 


Considering we are all safe and locked up in the comfort of our homes, these are a few movies that you can watch that depict what the end of the world might look like. 

They’re so thrilling and captivating, especially for those that love action and thriller movies. These films were directed by renowned directors and showcased the talents of award-winning actors that make these films seem all too real! 

What are you waiting for? Grab your popcorn and get ready to dive into these films that showcase a possible apocalyptic world! 

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