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Borderlands 3: How To Defeat Billy, The Anointed?

Billy, The Anointed is one of the bosses you will encounter while playing Borderlands 3. The battle against the boss will happen towards the last moments of the mission Lair of the Harpy. He is one of the hardest to defeat goliaths you’ll fight in the game. The fight takes place inside the manor theatre during visiting Jacob’s Estate.

Billy is much more powerful than other goliaths of the game. He has more health, can deal more damage, and has added abilities like teleporting that make him too hard to win against. The worst part is that his health bar won’t appear above his health which makes the fight harder.

Eliminating this tough opponent is very difficult but possible indeed. For that, you need to know about his strong and weak points. Moreover, a proper strategy to defeat him is needed as well. This page provides you with a detailed guide for a battle against Billy, The Anointed. Read on to find out!

Attacks of Billy, The Anointed

1. Shockwave

Billy the Anointed claps his hands to release a shockwave that can be deadly at medium to close range. This is the most dangerous attack of Billy. However, you can avoid this by moving aside. You could also run away from Billy when he is about to release a clap shockwave.

Another way to save yourself from a shockwave is by jumping at the right moment over the wave. This is effective against the shockwave ring created. Hiding behind obstacles is useless as the wave can move past them.

Moreover, you could also go upwards or downwards to a different height to save yourself from the attack. In case you get hit by the wave, then you will most probably lose your shield and some health points too.

2. Fire Skulls

Another powerful attack of Billy the Anointed are fire skulls released from his head. These will be targeted towards the player. So, you need to take cover or shoot the fire skulls so that they get destroyed before reaching you. You could also run away in a different direction hoping that the skulls hit somewhere else.

3. Teleporting

The boss can teleport from one position to another and this makes the battle even more difficult. Keep in mind that Billy could appear all of a sudden and stay prepared for it.

Observe the minimap to have an idea of when the Boss might appear. The symbol of Billy is a large red skull. This way you won’t be taken aback if he suddenly reappears in front of you.

4. Purple Projectile

In case you are far away from Billy, then he will unleash a projectile in your direction. This is a purple projectile that explodes upon hitting an area. To avoid this, you need to run in some other direction than that of the projectile. Else, attempt on running away from the area where the trajectory of the projectile is set to be.

5. Running Attack

Billy could also attack by running towards you. Once, he is in close range, he will attempt to hit you with a strong melee. This could knock you down and you might lose a lot of shields and health points.

You can avoid this attack by running away to an area where he can’t enter. For example, try running through narrow areas like through chairs or climbing up and down the stage.

You need to look at his skull as well to understand when he is about to pull off his skull for a fire skull attack. Shoot the skulls or move out of the way so that they hit elsewhere.

Weak Spots of Billy

Billy too has some weaker spots just like the rest of the goliaths. If you fire a good shot towards him, then he might suffer a great deal of damage. This is also effective in disrupting his attacks towards you. But, getting a good shot could be quite hard to achieve as his head is quite small.

How to Win Against Billy, The Anointed?

Billy, The Anointed is one of the toughest bosses you will face in Borderlands 3. So, building a strategy to take him down is essential. Hiding and running away won’t help against this boss because he can teleport to wherever you are. Try gathering as many supplies as you can before entering the theater where the battle is to happen.

The best strategy to defeat Billy is to gun in the theater with elemental weapons. Make the best use of the stage as it will provide cover and a lot of free space to move around. The most important thing while fighting Billy is being able to predict his attacks and understanding his fighting pattern.

As already mentioned, the weakest part of Billy’s body is his skull. A good shot aimed at his skull will impose a lot of damage on him. Moreover, you need to protect yourself from his attacks. Keep an eye on his hands and notice when he is about to clap his hands together. This means that he is releasing a shockwave attack.

Jumping over the shockwave will avoid all the damage. Also, when he teleports to your location, simply run out of his way as fast as you can. In the same way, you can avoid his purple projectile attack.

Notable Drops

Billy, The Anointed can drop some very rare items. He has a high chance of dropping the weapon “Lead Sprinkler”. This is a legendary assault rifle that will turn to be a prized possession once you acquire it. Other weapons that he might drop include Gatling Gun, Lead Sprinkler, and Warlord.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind While fighting Billy, The Anointed

  • Try using elemental weapons against Billy the anointed as these will cause him the maximum damage.
  • Keep a good distance from Billy as he can take you out in just 3 to 5 hits when in close range.
  • Aim for his skull/head as many times as you can to cause him a lot of damage
  • Jumping and then sliding is a key move to save yourself from Billy’s attacks

Bottom Line

Billy, The Anointed is one of the most challenging goliaths the game Borderlands 3 has to offer. Now that you have read how to win a battle against him, you can enter the duel with complete preparation. The best part is that upon his defeat, Billy becomes crystallized and drops some cool weapons.

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