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Game marketing

Top 20 Hottest And Sexiest Female Videogame Characters 

Video games girls are winning hearts over the years. In this article, we have picked out the 20 hottest female video game characters of all time, including some new, some old, and some coming a bit left-of-field. 

Top 20 Hottest And Sexiest Video Games Characters

1) Bayonetta ( Cereza ) 

Bayonetta was released in 2009 and is a series of fast-paced video games developed by PlatinumGames.She has also featured in other popular games such as Super Smash Bros. She has style compared to DoA girls or Lara. She has beautiful slim  legs like stilts propping up a torso , and amazing facial features and long, swan-like neck. She is heavily sexualized and uses it as a weapon. Bayonetta is not helpless; she can take down entire armies of the most powerful beings in Heaven, Earth, and Hell with ease. But, she’s not cold either; she displays a wide variety of emotions throughout the game and cares a great deal about her own personal enjoyment in particular.

2) Lara Croft

Lara Croft is the leader of the Tomb Raider, has been voted as the most iconic video game character of all time. She’s all about girl power and female empowerment. Lara Croft is depicted as an athletic woman; she has brown eyes and hair, frequently kept in a plait or ponytail.  Her British accent, skill with weapons, and skimpy outfits have been driving gamers crazy ever since the first game. Her look has changed quite a bit over the course of the series, but her evolution is why we still love her today.

3) Samus Aran ( Metroid series)

With blonde hair, smooth body, pretty face, cute ass, huge boobs, this character is so hot. Even though she covers it up through most of the series with her Power Suit, this hottie’s got one hell of a body. And in the first few Metroid games, the only way you could get a glimpse of her without her suit was to speed run the game. But from Metroid Zero Mission onwards the blonde bombshell starts to sport a skintight blue suit. One that gets quite an upgrade for the next Smash Bros games.



4) Chun-Li 

This character’s known as the “first lady of fighting games,” and when you take a look at her, you won’t disagree. Her sexy blue dress brings out the best that this INTERPOL agent has to offer. Her leggings can’t hide the power and size of her legs, which move at lightning speed to attack anyone who gets in her way. Cammy shows more skin, But this Chinese gal earns her spot for style over skin.

5) Morrigan Aensland 

Morrigan is a confident, beguiling, sultry succubus of the renowned Aensland Family. She is next in line to rule the demon realm Makai once her foster father, Belial Aensland, has passed. Her strength, personality, demeanor are what make her unique and beloved by all, inspiring even the very concept for this statue. 

6) Tifa Lockhart

Tifa is renowned for her physical prowess and kind-hearted nature, as well as her distinctive martial arts moves and revealing outfit. She has been named the pin-up girl of the “Cyber generation”. Besides her beautiful face, Tifa Lockhart is known for her long black hair. No one will expect that in the initial design, Tifa had white hair. Tifa has a proportional body ratio that made her look like a supermodel with long legs

7) Ada Wong

A fearless personality and can control any kind of situation. Ada has mastered the art of hand-to-hand combat, making her force to be reckoned with. Ada has incredible strength, and she is the most deadly Human in RE of the females. She is strong, fast, and accurate. 

8) Princess Zelda

(The Legend of Zelda series) – As the titular princess of Hyrule, Zelda is not only known for her wisdom and magical abilities but also for her graceful and elegant appearance.

She is slender and light-skinned but her age varies between versions and she is always either a child, teen, or young adult. Zelda is depicted as a kind and benevolent ruler with a wisdom beyond her years and a deep love towards the people she watches over. She is a caring, gracious, and self-sacrificing person.

Ivy valentine


9) Ivy Valentine

It was a dead heat between Sophitia Alexandra and Isabelle “Ivy” Valentine for our next pick. Both are standouts from the “Soulcalibur” franchise, but we just couldn’t leave our favorite swordswoman alone. Ivy has been both the face and the body for the “Soulcalibur” brand since its inception, a capable warrior woman who nevertheless went on to become something of an iconic sex symbol. Her outfits also ride that delicate line between form and function, balancing obvious sexuality with a look that’s still ultra-chic and cool. Ivy has our hearts, which she could easily rip out with that chain sword of hers.

10) Aloy

She’s a true warrior woman, a being of strength, grace and mystery that sucks us in every time. Oh, and there’s also the addition of those freckles that make Aloy’s steely stare all the more captivating. What can we say? There’s just something special about a beautiful woman who can snipe down mechanical dinosaurs.

11) Juliet Starling

Juliet is hyper-sexualized, but it’s done in a manner that’s so self-aware, it invites everyone to be in on the joke. Although, there’s nothing funny about Juliet’s skill with her weapon of choice. She’s delightfully deadly.

12) Tracer

Tracer is closely recognized with the “Overwatch” brand, and is definitely off the charts when it comes to the cute-ness factor. Her gear accentuates her figure, but stops short of being exploitative, although controversy did arise due to the perceived over-sexualization of her victory pose.

13) Kitana

favorite sexy ninja, Kitana. Our pulse races when we see her coming, so much so that we’d need to borrow those deadly fans to blow away the vapors. There’s an alluring mystery to Kitana’s physicality, and an eroticism to how she moves that just makes her one of the “Mortal Kombat” community’s all-time favor

Elizabeth comstock


14) Elizabeth Comstock

Elizabeth Comstock is gorgeous. There’s something honest and pure about this “Bioshock” character’s personality, despite the naivete associated with her captive and sheltered backstory. Elizabeth melts our hearts every time she looks at us, while her hourglass figure burns in some naughty thoughts that we probably shouldn’t be entertaining for a video game character.

15) Bastila Shan

Bastila wasn’t hard on the eyes, either, sporting some serious sex appeal to counterbalance her wicked force powers and skill with a lightsaber. She moves with grace and purpose, a true beauty with a dark side just lurking beneath the skin, yet with a heart yearning for passion and acceptance. And it’s this complexity that kept us falling in love with Bastila Shan over and over again. 

16) AyaBrea

A protagonist and heroine of the parasite Eve video game series, is a strong-willed American police officer who becomes involved in apocalyptic scenarios. She has superhuman abilities such as the power to kill with thoughts, set people on fire, fast healing etc.  

17) Sylvia Christel

Sylvia Christel, the long-legged femme fatale of the “No More Heroes” universe. Her moniker is actually a take on Dutch actress Sylvia Kristel, who courted controversy with the genre-defining softcore series “Emmanuelle.” That sexuality is put on full display with Sylvia’s eye-opening attire, which is usually the antithesis of “office casual.” 

18) Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, Gotham’s seductive eco-terrorist, is as dangerous as she is attractive. Her fiery red hair and green skin make her a truly unique and alluring character in the Batman: Arkham series.

Liara T'soni


19) Liara T’soni 

Liara T’soni is a pureblood, Liara T’soni belongs to the asari culture in the “Mass Effect” universe, a pansexual species that appears as “all female” to outsiders with a gender binary point of view. Liara is particularly attractive, even by asari standards, although we admit it was a tough choice between her and that sexiest of Cerberus officers, Miranda Lawson. 

 20) Citra Talugmai (Far Cry 3)

 Citra Talugmai is beautiful and charismatic, known as “the goddess” by her followers. She’s a potential love interest for Jason, the game’s protagonist, but can she really be trusted? This fascinating character definitely deserves a spot on this list.


So there you have it guys, the hottest female video game characters as of June 2024. Fortunately, as new games get released there will be plenty more to grace your screens in the years to come.

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