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How to Earn Part-Time Income From Gaming While in School

Gaming is a fantastic recreational activity for students. It helps reduce stress after a hard day of school and can jog your mind and keep you alert. Apart from being an activity to enjoy during your spare time, you can also turn it into a part-time income-generating activity. The gaming industry has grown significantly, and there are many gaming platforms and games to choose from. Digital innovations have also made connecting with other gaming enthusiasts and growing an audience easier. Thus, with the right approaches, you can turn your gaming passion into a money-making activity while in school, and here is how to do it.


Want to make some good money to cover your college expenses, such as purchasing textbooks and food, or paying a paper writer to help with a highly demanding project? Live stream as you play your games on Twitch or YouTube. There are many viewers who are interested in seeing you pass difficult obstacles or square it out with other gamers. Livestreaming is an excellent option if you are a multitasker who can play a video game and keep your audience engaged. 

As a live streamer, you will get paid based on the number of fans who are tuned in to your broadcast. As your audience grows, you can start earning money through ads, but to reach that level, you will need a lot of viewers per stream. If you are only getting started, you might earn extra income from donations from well-wishers who see your potential. You can even get sponsorships and dealerships to improve your trade as you grow.

Provide Game Play Walkthroughs and Tutorials

Many people struggle to learn how to play a game and rely on tutorials to help them understand the rules and how to play. You can make money by providing this population with useful information. Walkthroughs are very popular, and people resort to them when they stagnate and need assistance to get to the next level. They take the form of storytelling, and you can make a blog with written instructions on how to play the game. You can also create a video with the instructions and upload it on YouTube. This strategy will allow you to earn income while training others to play a game you love.

Play Games to Earn Income on Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website where gamers can play games, watch videos, and participate in surveys to earn money. As you complete more tasks, you get more points, earning you more income. There are games you need to spend money on to earn money, whereas others are free. The ones you need to spend on have higher returns than the free ones. Visit the website and try out the different games available to earn points and redeem them for money.

Write Game Reviews

If you are good at writing, you can monetize your skills by writing reviews on different video games. A game review evaluates a game, including the game’s storyline and gameplay. The review helps those who have not played the game have a better understanding of what the game is about. If you write good reviews, you will start getting paid for reviewing gigs. Some gaming websites have freelancer openings, and if they are impressed by your work, they can consider you for paid review gigs.

Compete in Gaming Tournaments

Esports competitions have become common, and they provide an opportunity for gamers to earn significant income. There are many championships and tournaments that are organized annually, and they attract serious prizes. They are not a constant source of income because they are not hosted daily, but taking part in a serious tournament with a big prize tag can help you win a large amount you can invest elsewhere. Follow major league gaming sites to know when the tournaments are organized and how to register so you don’t miss the opportunities.

Become a Gaming Coach

A video game coach assists their clients in developing their gaming abilities. Their roles include reviewing their clients’ recorded game replays and offering advice on how they can improve. The coach also offers guidance and practice drills to help the clients get better. Depending on your level of expertise, you can coach gamers at all skill levels, from amateurs to pros. Your earning potential will increase with your level of expertise as you can train more clients and earn more money.

Start a YouTube Channel

You can make money from your content and acquire followers on a YouTube channel. You can start a channel where you talk about different games you are interested in, offer advice on a game, or provide an overview of a game to make people develop an interest in playing the game. As the number of viewers increases, you will be able to earn more from the platform.

Become a Gamer on Social Media

games on social media

Combining your passion for video games with your sizable social media following can help you make more money. Social media platforms have a large community of gaming enthusiasts, with whom you can share your content. Your content may consist of your gaming videos or your gaming experiences. Monetizing content on social media is a growing trend, and you should not be left behind.

Become a Video Game Developer

If you have the talent and skills and are passionate about creating video games, you can make money as a game developer. To be a game developer, you must have adequate knowledge of the different programming languages. You can work as a freelance game developer or get a part-time developer job.

Closing Remarks

Gaming provides an opportunity for students to make part-time income, and there are different ways to attain this goal. You can play in tournaments and win prizes, become a gaming coach, livestream your games, or become a game developer. You can also provide game reviews, walkthroughs, and tutorials. The more your skills and expertise grow, the better your earning opportunities will increase.

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