Co-Op Rocks New Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Trailer

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Insomniac Games has always been keen on multiplayer action and crazy gunplay. As if you needed more proof, the studio has released a new Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer that shows those concepts are alive and well in the Xbox One-exclusive shooter.

Microsoft and Insomniac first unveiled Sunset Overdrive’s co-op multiplayer at E3, but the video below is the first time the public has gotten more insight into the game’s co-op experience Chaos Squad.

Players will be able to go straight from the game’s campaign to Chaos Squad in-game. If a Friend invites you to join his/her Chaos Squad, you can walk into the nearest future photo booth and go straight into multiplayer. No costume change, no amp adjustment, no changes whatsoever.

At the start, you and your crew will get to vote on two mission choices. Once the mission’s complete you’ll get two new choices from which to choose, each with different objectives and in separate locations from the first round.

After a few rounds you’ll be able to enter Night Defense. The amount of Chaos determines the difficulty of a team’s final Night Defense. The higher the Chaos the tougher your Night Defense will be, but the better your reward at the end of the round. The decision comes down to taking a mission with a lot of Chaos to increase its difficulty and potential rewards, or taking a mission with a team boost to make the group more likely to succeed.

The Night Defense reward output is based on your Chaos. So, if you manage to survive with a large amount of Chaos you’ll get more chances at better rewards than the teams that select team boosts rather than Chaos. You can learn more about it in the co-op focused Sunset Overdrive gameplay trailer below.

Sunset Overdrive will release this fall for Xbox One. A specific Sunset Overdrive release date has not yet been announced.

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