Watch Nine Minutes of Dying Light Gameplay in New Trailer

A new video from Techland from their next-gen zombie game shows nine minutes of Dying Light gameplay footage. Behold the undead carnage with your own eyes.

Dying Light for Xbox One and PS4 (PlayStation 4)

Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released today a new video trailer that shows nine minutes of Dying Light gameplay footage. The video for the Xbox One and PS4 zombie game showcases the darker side of the game’s day-and-night-cycle mechanic. It also gives a glimpse into different strategies that players will adopt depending on the time of day in order to survive.

Slow, apathetic and easily visible, the infected/undead aren’t much of a threat in daylight. A skilled courier, sure of their parkour skills and smart enough not to engage in combat with too many enemies, can effortlessly avoid larger groups of the infected or escape beyond their reach. But this relatively safe state of affairs is turned upside down as the sun sets.

Believe us, we saw it with our own eyes at E3 2013. If you thought the zombie changes at night during Dead Rising 3 were dramatic, wait until you see what Techland and Warner Bros. have cooking up in the Dying Light gameplay sequences.

At night, it is you who is at a disadvantage. Without daylight, the senses of the infected become more acute while their thirst for human flesh skyrockets. They run, jump and climb, so there is really no place where you are safe anymore. They grow in strength, which means fighting them is not even an option. Those of them who were too afraid of light to come out during the day now swarm the city hunting for you. Still, there is something even worse lurking in the shadows.

What tactics will you use to survive the night? Will you put your trust in your agility and try to outrun the infected despite the odds? Or use the lack of light to your advantage and sneak past them? Remember, your decision determines whether you’ll see the sunrise.

Dying Light is a first-person action survival horror game set in an open world where players scavenge for supplies during the day and simply try to survive the night. Although we’re getting plenty of exposure to Dying Light gameplay footage now, the Dying Light release date is still unknown. We do know it will ship for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime in 2014. Click here to pre-order Dying Light from Amazon.

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