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Stop smoking

5 underexposed CBD Benefits and the best CBD Brand to try; MedsBiotech CBD

The popularity of CBD is growing steadily. And that is right, because this non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis has many impressive, medicinal benefits. You’ve probably heard that CBD can reduce epileptic seizures. And CBD can counteract feelings of anxiety and depression. But that is not all.Discover here 5 underexposed advantages of CBD.

The glorious emergence of CBD

Cannabidiol or CBD is increasingly part of the medicine cabinet. This substance from the cannabis plant has become a well-known remedy against insomnia, anxiety, stress and chronic pain. It also works well against inflammatory conditions such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease. But by far the best-known example of the power of CBD is naturally that it can reduce epileptic seizures.


Epilepsy and CBD in the United States even caused the entire legalization process of medicinal cannabis to gain momentum. The component was getting more attention nationally and internationally around 2010 because there were increasing stories about young children using CBD to treat their epilepsy. Parents were desperate because nothing worked until she discovered CBD.

But did you know that CBD is promising for many more things than the diseases described above? That is why we look at 5 unexposed advantages of CBD that you probably do not know.

1: CBD to stop smoking

CBD can help you to say goodbye to cigarettes forever. Quitting smoking is oneof the most underexposed applications of CBD. And that’s a shame, because only6 percent of people who stop smoking every year are successful. The addiction is one of the most difficult to get rid of. But CBD offers a solution. A 2013study found that 40 percent of smokers who used a CBD inhaler reduced their cigarette intake, while those who received a placebo did not experience significant change. In May 2018, a small study showed that 800 mg CBD reduces the sensitivity to cigarettes caused by cigarette triggers. Think in the pub or at a party surrounded by others who smoke. This effect does emphasize the origin of the power and effectiveness of CBD. It does not only deal with physical symptoms such as inflammation and pain, but also the anxiety that goes with it. So it works holistically – mind and body together – and gives patients relief.
Stop smoking

2: CBD for when you are too high

Everyone who likes to experiment with cannabis has experienced it. Raided by a high that is just too strong and therefore becomes uncomfortable. The eyelids become heavy, you become dizzy or you get a very uncomfortable feeling. A combination of all this can also occur. And of course it is not only reserved for recreational users. It can affect medical users as well. CBD can counteract that feeling of anxiety and discomfort. The substance serves as a kind of counterpart to the effect of THC. CBD is able to bring balance and it can modulate the cannabinoid activities of THC in the brain, according to this study.

3: CBD for dogs

That CBD also works well for dogs is becoming more and more familiar. But it is still one of the most underrated applications of CBD. That will change, of course, but there is no harm in naming it here again. Because pets can also have to deal with all kinds of ailments such as arthritis and anxiety. But a growing number of dog owners see the solution in CBD. And more and more veterinarians in the US are also tackling.

4: CBD against menopausal symptoms and old age

Probably your mother and grandmother grew up with the conviction that cannabis is a bad,addictive, life-threatening drug. CBD can be the perfect way to put people who are anti-cannabis at ease: you do not get high of it, it does not feed the stigma around cannabis (on the contrary) and CBD can be consumed in many healthy and very normal ways, such as in tea or as a lotion.

CBD can also help with disorders that people get as they get older. Although there has been no research into the specific influence of CBD on menopause, CBD has shown that it can alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, depression, insomnia and (head) pain. In addition, CBD keeps the brain healthy and prevents the loss of bone density. And all elderly people benefit from that.

5: Reduced risk of diabetes

A rarely discussed health benefit of CBD oil is that it can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. In a study published in Neuropharmacology, researchers wanted to find out what effect CBD would have on non-obese, but diabetes-sensitive female mice. Only 32 percent of the mice that received CBD were later diagnosed with diabetes. 100 percent of the untreated mice.

In fact, CBD is still in its infancy as a medicine against a variety of ailments. Only a few years of really good research has been done. But all the research results and the increasing anecdotal evidence is so positive that in a few years only few advantages of CBD will be unexposed.

There are many CBD brands available but which are the best?

The answers to these questions are certainly subjective but if you ask our opinion, we recommend that you choose MedsBiotech CBD. The brand is a well-known brand that provides various variants of CBD products; capsules, oils and edibles. You can choose which one you like as each of them offers their respective advantages. We can take an example, the CBD and turmeric capsules. This is a Biotech Meds product that contains the right dose of turmeric. The dosage presented is 20 mg of CBD and 25 mg of Turmeric per serving. With this product, Biotech Meds presents a balanced combination between CBD and Turmeric which is realized in 60 capsules. For sale at a price of $ 99.99, this product can be reached by most people. What’s interesting is that Meds Biotech moves further than its competitors to combine CBD and other useful elements without damaging the benefits of one of them.

Strict standardization

Every MedsBiotech CBD product is made in the USA, guaranteeing they have gone through a rigorous testing phase before being launched into the market.Some CBD manufacturers are known to produce their CBD products outside the United States or Western Europe, raising concerns regarding quality control. Meds Biotech has an official website as a source of all information about products. Each consumer can also contact 24-hour customer service to inquire about products and submit complaints. There are no less than 20 products available in three categories, making this brand considered the most complete and best CBD-providing brand.

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