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When Would Be the Good Time to Bring in a P.A for a Claim Against my Insurance Company for Hurricane Damage?


Jul 5, 2018

Deciding when to hire a public adjuster could be a confusing part of a claim. Yes, public adjusters deal with claims that are complex and large, which is what is usually seen after a hurricane has passed through your home. The devastation that comes after a hurricane would be considered complex and large because the damages are of an abundance. So, you ask, when should you use one? You could use one whenever you suffer a loss to your home, but most people use them when they have endured enormous losses. Because filing insurance claims for hurricanes is challenging, our Miami Public adjusters suggest that you seek a public adjuster for your hurricane insurance claim; it is not one that should be handled alone.

Questions That May Arise

The reason that you should hire a public adjuster for a hurricane insurance claim is because many questions will arise that you will not be able to answer. These are the typical questions that will come after enduring damages from a major storm:

  • If my home was flooded from rain coming in through my roof which policy does it fall under?
  • My roof was ripped off and my home got flooded, do I use windstorm or flood insurance?
  • What percentage of the actual damage came from the roof vs. the flood?

These are just some simple questions that often come to the picture and make it difficult because you must deal with various policies. It may bring confusion because there are specific details for each and requirements that each must met.

Don’t Hesitate

If you don’t know when the best time is to get a public adjuster, you could always call our firm and speak with our knowledgeable public adjusters in Miami to give you their honest feedback and best advice regarding your case. It is always best to ask before assuming anything because as noted above, any case can bring a lot of confusion, especially if you are not studied in the matter.

By Justin