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More Traits Mods Sims 4

Enhancing Gameplay With More Traits Mods Sims 4

Your sims’ personalities are highly crucial to how they act and what they are excellent at and love doing, and you can’t accomplish much without sims ‘ extra traits modifications. 

We only receive three attributes for adults, some of which may be spent on food options like Lactose intolerance or vegetarianism, making it difficult to give your sims a personality.

More Traits Mods Sims 4

Thankfully, some modifications can add extra features to the game, such as fascinating traits you’d never see in the original and a mod that allows you to add more than three traits to your grownups. 

Let’s discuss everyone’s favorite modifications for adding characteristics to the game and getting additional trait slots!

The Best Sims 4 Trait Mods 

We don’t have enough trait slots in the game for any sim’s life stage, which irritates me. Since games like The Sims 3 featured 5 characteristic slots, having only 3 for adult-aged sims in The Sims 4 feels like a step back.

Thankfully, modders can now correct almost everything in the game, and a mod called More Traits in CAS exists to save us all from our difficulties. 

  • This mod allows you to add extra qualities to your Sims regardless of their life stage. There is nothing better for resolving the Sims 4 additional characteristics issue!

These modders did not stop with adult or elder sims; they also included extra characteristic slots for toddlers, allowing your toddlers to have more personality than just a single attribute. This patch now allows gamers to obtain the following traits:

  • 5 Characteristics of Elders, Adults, and Young Adults
  • Children: 3 Traits 
  • Teenagers: 4 Traits
  • Two Characteristics of Toddlers

It is crucial to remember that there are certain problems in The Sims 4 with certain qualities when you apply too many of these mods. 

When you have five traits, you might not encounter many interactions from one of them, and the game may focus on a couple rather than all of them.

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Exciting Personality Mods Traits You Need To Try 

Since the absence of traits in the game sometimes leads to gamers creating the same sim repeatedly, trait modifications are a wonderful method to keep your sims feeling distinct and more engaging. 

You can use more of them now that you have a Sims 4 extra characteristics mod.

You’ll discover many custom qualities you can add to your game to create very intriguing simulations you’ll want to play with.

Bibliophile Trait 

  • There is no greater satisfaction than picking up a good book and reading for hours; for many gamers, this feature is insufficient. 
  • A sim with the bibliophile characteristic will enjoy reading more than ever and receive a pleasant mood while reading or after finishing an excellent book.

Bossy Trait

  • The bossy characteristic is next on the list, with a description that says, “This sim loves telling people around them what to do and when to do it.” 
  • They are always self-assured and never ashamed. Even while forming relationships with people is more difficult owing to negative initial impressions, existing friendships last longer. 
  • Others are far too afraid to oppose them. They are the boss, and everyone is aware of it.”

Sims with a domineering personality 

  • This trait can be found in CAS in the social category, and these sims will always be confident. 
  • They won’t be embarrassed too frequently, and their relationships will deteriorate slowly since they’re not such wonderful people.

Brave Trait 

  • The courageous attribute has a description that says, “Brave Sims are fearless individuals who will fight fires, wrangle burglars, and work to protect those around them.”
  • These sims will advance in vocations such as detective, military, and detective, and they will be able to talk about their bravery to other sims. 
  • They will receive pleasant moodlets for actions such as repairing an object, extinguishing a fire, and visiting space.

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Faithful Trait 

  • You want people to be faithful in relationships, and you may even make that a pillar of your sim’s personality. 
  • “Faithful sims are loyal to the sim they are dating or married to,” according to the description. 
  • One of their greatest worries is being with someone else, and they desire to spend more quality time with their family.”

What’s more? 

  • This feature will help your sims like spending time with their romantic partner in both romantic ways, such as woohooing or kissing, and loving friendly ones, such as inquiring about their day and just chatting. 
  • They’ll have new social connections and display steadfast affection as if you’re my forever.

Lonely Intellectual

  • A lonely intellectual characteristic is ideal if you want a sim that doesn’t spend much time with people but is incredibly intelligent. 
  • According to the description of this feature, “these sims despise socializing, excel at mental activities, and are also fairly talented in the arts.” They frequently find themselves in a funk.”

What’s more? 

  • The lonely smart sim will experience a slower drop in social need and fare better in The Sims 4: Get to Work as a detective or scientist. 
  • These sims will learn social skills slowly but swiftly learn other abilities, which is great if you have a particularly brilliant sim.

Mega 16 Personality Trait Pack 

  • If you’ve ever taken a personality test, you’ve most likely taken the Myers Briggs 16 Personalities, which you can add to your Sims game with the Mega 16 Personalities Trait Pack.
  • This pack includes 16 qualities that correspond to the various outcomes of this personality test.

Modest Trait 

  • Our next feature is the humble trait, which is nice to have since it says, “These sims are neither proud nor egotistic.” 
  • They take great pleasure in their appearance and are friendly and helpful, but they do not let people walk all over them.”

What’s more? 

  • Sims that get the modest characteristic will have a faster pace of acquiring mental skills and will do better at work as their work ethic improves. 
  • They’ll receive desires like giving to charity, getting to know sims, finishing a book, and other activities.

New Hobby Traits 

  • Sometimes, it appears that EA has begun to ignore the hobby characteristics area. 
  • We already have readers and art lovers in the game, but this pack adds cinema buff, tinker, and artisan, which are all quite entertaining.
  • This set of qualities also brings back an old Sims 3 favorite, technophobe, which makes your sims completely despise using technology like computers or televisions and is ideal for senior sims who aren’t as comfortable with these things.

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How To Install Sims 4 Traits?

  • Players must pick The Sims 4’s Mods folder from the The Sims 4 folder and then drag all of their.package files inside. 
  • This will install all of the downloaded Traits the next time the game is launched, and the process is the same as installing any other type of custom material. 
  • This way, players can customize their Sims experience to their taste.


Gameplay modifications are unquestionably among the greatest Sims 4 mods.

They drastically alter the game so that, even if you’re bored, they revive your passion for the Sims and inspire entirely new tales!

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