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What Leveling Up in Games Teaches You


Have you ever been stuck in a level that you couldn’t cross no matter how many times you tried? Funnily enough, this thought that I am going to share today came from playing Candy Crush. Not some game that requires some level of skills, no this simple mobile game that needs you to match three or more similar gems had me stumped. Can you imagine? 


Life is full of small and big bumps. These little bumps make us who we are at the moment. Look around. Every face has a story to tell, a story of their hardships and how they have managed to sort their lives despite all the trials and tribulations of life. Every failure is a story of your commitment and determination to do your task and not give up instead. (Yes, even playing candy crush!)

If everything in life came easy to us, we would never learn anything. Everything takes experience and patience. 

Obstacles in your life help you build character. Every experience polishes our personality and makes us better. Just because the sea is calm and you are able to control the boat, you cannot call yourself a professional. It takes a stormy experience to realize that the practice you had in the calm seas cannot make your sail in the rough waters smooth. A skillful sailor is one who pushes through the storm and refuses to give up, someone who is able to manage to move forward. 

Sometimes a bad incident hits to open our eyes to the good things and makes us realize their worth. We need to appreciate what we have, and let go of things that hold us back. Have ambitions. Wish for the impossible.

The passion for something is what keeps us going. Cut down the excuses and make sure you get up and do it. NOW. Because there would always be the ‘later’ time. Keep on checking yourself. Keep on motivating yourself. Mistakes are opportunities. Look at them, learn from them, grow from them and move on. Do better, be better.

If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, the best time to take action is today. Expand your horizons. Leave home. Visit other places/cultures. Wander aimlessly. “There’s nothing we really need to do that isn’t dangerous.” Do the things that scare you on a regular basis – on the other side of fear lies freedom. 

Success does not come easy. It takes effort to reach the top. If everything was served to us on a silver platter, we would never bother to learn anything new at all. We learn when we make a mistake when we break a pattern when we experiment and fail. We learn not when we do everything right or the way society wants it to be done.

Without failure, success has no meaning. Behind every successful venture, there are many unsuccessful attempts. Yes, even in Candy Crush, geez! The best lessons can be learned from anywhere, even from the simplest of games.

By Dimple

My name is Dimple Mishra I'm a blogger from New Delhi, India. I'm 29 years old and I love gaming. I've been writing for video games, gaming accessories, and others since 2015