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What is MMR in Gaming, and Does It Matter?

If you are an avid gaming enthusiast looking for ways to navigate competitive games like League of Legends, MMR is a concept you need to be aware of.

MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating and tracks your in-game skills. The primary focus of tracking this rating is to place opponents with similar skill sets against you. Not only does it ensure that the game is fair, but it also ensures that the gaming experience is top-notch.

We have compiled all the relevant details here to give you a better rundown of MMR in gaming and why it matters.

What is MMR in Gaming?

Before we discuss MMR and what it stands for, keep in mind that this label is usually prevalent in competitive video games or games with a separate competitive mode.

As we mentioned, MMR stands for Matchmaking Rating. The rating is calculated each time you win or lose a game. In most games, MMR is calculated based on factors like gaming history, trends against the rest of the meta, etc.

This rating or calculation is integral in e-sports to understand a player’s ranking in a specific game. Every player is assigned an MMR, so when you enter a lobby ready to take on the game, you will be matched with players who have similar skillsets and expertise as you.

Game developers usually do the introduction of MMR in gaming to keep their gamers hooked. How? Well, can you imagine playing a “player vs player” game only to realize that the game is either “too hard” or “too easy?” Any kind of extremities in the game results in the player abandoning the game.

How is an MMR Calculated in a Game?

MMR in gaming meaning


Now that you have a comprehensive understanding of an MMR, we are sure you have questions about estimating the numbers. How does that happen? What parameters do the games implement to calculate these numbers?

We will get further into it, but let us clarify the basics first. Your MMR isn’t a “standard” factor across all the games that you play. Instead, it varies from one game to the other. Few games, like Overwatch, even change the player’s MMR with each season.

So, depending on how you perform in the game, the MMR may climb or fall.

Some of the factors that influence the MMR include:

Win-loss ratio – This is a market of how many times you win compared to how many times you lose.

Streaks – This measures your consistency in the game and how well you can maintain your streak of wins.

Absence— Often, due to personal reasons, you might find yourself regressing from the games and not playing them as frequently as you would otherwise. If you don’t come back and play the game for a long time, that can affect your MMR, too.

In-game barriers— MMRs depend on the minimum player thresholds, so even if you have multiple profiles under the same account, the MMR will differ for each profile.

In-game performance—The most important element that influences the MMR is the kind of performance and skillset you show in the game. This is what makes or breaks the results.

Irrespective of the influencing factor behind MMR, your goal is simple: To improve your MMR level with each season or level of the game. You will be able to track your MMR inside the game’s menu or near the character. Ensure that you keep track of it to ensure that you can stand out in the game in the future.

How to Improve MMR in a Video Game?

Simply knowing about the standalone factors influencing the MMR isn’t enough if you don’t know how to manage them to improve the MMR.

One of the most critical elements affecting the MMR is Decay, when you abandon the game for a long time. However, research about the individual game that you are playing. Not every game you encounter has the decay element embedded into it. So, that wouldn’t influence the MMR if you take a break from playing the game.

The mantra for improving your MMR in the game is to play well. It is as simple as that. The rankings are primarily influenced by how you play the game, so that should be your main objective when trying to boost your MMR.

Skill building is another factor that helps improve the MMR in the game. When you are playing the game, think critically and self-reflect on the situation. What gaming elements can you improve on? Where are you lacking in the game?

One of the underrated ways to improve your skillset is by playing against gamers at the same skill level as you. This helps you analyze where you are lacking and work on improving it. When you play against someone with a “higher” rank than you, you are not only learning, but the game rewards your expertise and courage, too.

Lastly, when playing any kind of e-sports, it is easy to get frustrated and lash out. Instead, you should collect your thoughts and remain optimistic throughout the gameplay experience.

MMR in gaming meaning

What is MMR Decay?

We briefly highlighted the concept of MMR decay in a previous subheading. If you are new to e-sports, the term might confuse you, so let us clarify those elements first.

MMR Decay is a gradual drop in your ranking that usually occurs when you don’t play the game for an extended period. Since games reward consistency, the lack of it often results in a steady decline in the ranking.

For example, let’s say you hold the “Grand Master” rank, and if you take a break from playing the game for 2-3 weeks, your rank might have dropped to the preliminary stages.

Not every game has the MMR Decay element, but gaming developers primarily integrate this option to ensure that the top-level players remain active. This, in turn, drives the matchmaking search terms as well.

So, if you have attained a high level or ranking in a game and don’t want all your efforts to go to waste, it is vital that you keep playing the game instead of taking long breaks.

Why does MMR in Gaming Matter?

With all the relevant information about MMR in gaming, curiosity about its significance makes sense. MMR is crucial for the game, not just for the player.

Here’s why:

Better Gaming Experience

The game’s algorithm uses MMR to match you against players with similar skill sets. When you have a better player match, it automatically reflects in the gaming experience. It creates a healthy gaming experience for the players, where they don’t feel overpowered or too lenient with the opponent.

Instill a Sense of Progression

Playing the game against players with a similar skill set as yours gives you a better chance of winning. What this does is translate to a sense of achievement and progression. Instead of feeling stuck and pushed back, you can navigate the game with flying colors.

Build Better Reputation

Lastly, the higher the MMR, the better your reputation as a gamer. MMR is like a badge you carry with you as you navigate the gaming landscape. This is not just for simple gameplays; with good MMRs, you can also participate in national and international tournaments.


MMR (Matchmaking Rating) is fundamental in many online multiplayer games. It acts as a hidden score that reflects your skill level and determines who you get matched against. By prioritizing fair competition, MMR creates a more enjoyable and engaging experience for everyone. Whether readily visible or not, MMR is crucial in ensuring balanced matches and keeping you challenged as you improve your gaming skills.

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