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Molly’s Game the Movie and What it Says About Status in Casinos

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The movie “Molly’s Game” is a biographical crime drama film that was released in 2017. It is based on the real-life story of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic-class skier who became an entrepreneur in the world of underground poker games. Molly Bloom’s story is fascinating because it sheds light on the secretive and exclusive world of high-stakes poker, where powerful and wealthy individuals often gather to play in secret and make fortunes overnight.

The movie is not just a gripping tale of one woman’s journey, but it also offers an insightful commentary on the relationship between gambling and social status. In the world of casinos and gambling, status is a critical factor that can determine one’s success or failure. Casinos often use status symbols and marketing tactics to attract high rollers and maintain their image as exclusive destinations. Meanwhile, players who gain high status through their gambling skills or their association with wealthy individuals often enjoy a privileged position in the casino world.

Throughout the movie, the concept of status is explored in various ways, from the way characters behave to the way they interact with each other. By examining the portrayal of status in “Molly’s Game,” we can gain a better understanding of the complex social dynamics that exist within the world of gambling and casinos.

Molly’s Game: A Brief Summary

“Molly’s Game” tells the true story of Molly Bloom, a former Olympic-class skier who starts running high-stakes poker games in Los Angeles and New York City. The movie begins with Molly’s skiing accident, which ended her athletic career and caused her to spiral into depression. After moving to Los Angeles, she starts working as an assistant to a real estate developer, who introduces her to the world of underground poker games.

Molly quickly learns the ins and outs of the game and soon starts running her own poker games. She attracts wealthy players, including Hollywood celebrities, businessmen, and even members of the Russian mafia. Molly becomes very successful and makes a lot of money, but her operation eventually catches the attention of the FBI, who arrests her and charges her with illegal gambling and money laundering.

Throughout the movie, we see Molly’s struggle to maintain her integrity and her business while dealing with the corrupt and dangerous world of underground poker. We also see her relationship with her father, who is a psychologist, and how he influences her decisions. The movie also shows the legal battle that Molly has to go through and the consequences of her actions.

The key themes and messages conveyed in the movie include the allure of wealth and power, the corrupt and dangerous nature of the underground gambling world, and the importance of integrity and honesty. The movie also highlights the dangers of associating with the wrong people and the consequences of making bad decisions. Additionally, the movie showcases the strength and resilience of the human spirit and the power of redemption.

Gambling and Status in Casinos

Gambling and social status are often intertwined, particularly in the world of casinos. For many, the appeal of gambling lies in the potential to win large sums of money, but it also offers an opportunity to socialize and network with high-status individuals. The perceived status of a player can also affect the way they are treated by other players and casino staff.

Casinos often use status symbols to attract high rollers and maintain their image as exclusive destinations. These symbols can include luxurious amenities, high-end restaurants, and VIP lounges. Place may even go so far as to have an area that is a casino for VIPs only, which adds to their exclusive and elite reputation. The use of these status symbols helps casinos to establish themselves as desirable and glamorous destinations for the wealthy and influential.

In the context of gambling and casinos, status can be expressed and perceived in different ways. For example, a player’s status can be related to their skill level or their association with other high-status players. In some cases, a player’s wealth and influence outside of the casino can also contribute to their perceived status in the gambling world.

Furthermore, casinos often have a system of rewards and incentives that are designed to recognize and reward high-status players. These rewards can include access to exclusive events, complimentary rooms, and other perks that are not available to other players. By doing this, the casino is able to foster a sense of loyalty among its high rollers and encourage them to continue gambling.

It is important to note that not all casinos cater exclusively to high rollers. Many casinos offer a range of games and betting options to accommodate players of different budgets and backgrounds. However, for those who seek the exclusive and luxurious experience of gambling, there are casinos that cater to their needs, with some being exclusively for VIPs only. For a list of such casinos, check out our casinos lists review page.

Molly’s Game and the Portrayal of Status in Casinos

In “Molly’s Game,” the world of high-stakes poker is depicted as a place where status and power are highly valued. Molly Bloom’s character is affected by her interactions with high-status players and the culture of the casino world, as she navigates the intricate web of relationships and power dynamics that exist within it.

Throughout the movie, we see Molly interacting with a range of high-status individuals, from Hollywood celebrities to powerful businessmen and even members of the Russian mafia. These individuals are attracted to Molly’s games not just because of the potential to win large sums of money, but also because of the social status that comes with being part of such exclusive and glamorous events.

Molly’s character is also affected by the culture of the casino world, which is depicted as being highly competitive and cutthroat. In order to maintain her position as a successful poker hostess, Molly has to constantly navigate the complex power dynamics and social hierarchies that exist within this world. This is further complicated by the fact that she is a woman operating in a male-dominated environment, which adds an additional layer of complexity to her interactions with high-status players.

The different strategies employed by the characters in the movie to maintain or enhance their social status include everything from flaunting their wealth and power to engaging in high-risk behaviors in order to gain an edge over their competitors. We see characters using their social connections to gain an advantage, engaging in risky behaviors such as drug use to enhance their performance, and using their wealth and influence to intimidate and control others.

Ultimately, the movie portrays the world of high-stakes poker as a place where status and power are highly valued, and where individuals are willing to go to great lengths to maintain or enhance their social standing. The portrayal of Molly Bloom’s character and her interactions with high-status players provide insight into the complex power dynamics and social hierarchies that exist within this world.


In conclusion, the movie “Molly’s Game” offers an insightful portrayal of the role of status in the world of high-stakes poker and the wider casino culture. The movie demonstrates how social status is highly valued in this world, and how it affects the interactions between players and the culture of the casino world.

The movie also highlights the different strategies employed by characters to maintain or enhance their social status. These strategies can range from flaunting wealth and power, to engaging in high-risk behaviors, to using social connections and influence to gain an advantage.

While the movie is set in the world of high-stakes poker, the themes and messages conveyed have wider implications for our understanding of status and power dynamics in different spheres of life. The movie is a reminder that social status can have a significant impact on how we interact with others, and the opportunities and advantages that we are afforded.

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