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The Best Outdoor Water Sports Activities You Should Try

There is a variety of water sports. They are separated by classical (officially recognized by the Olympic species) and unusual (relating to sports, and the usual outdoor activities). In the category of the classic includes all types of vessels (including synchronous), rowing and canoeing, diving and water polo. But you can have fun on the water and has a host of other, more original and extreme sports. That the latter are discussed in this article, because the summer is in full swing, and you can not miss this wonderful opportunity to actively take a break from routine.


This sport and recreation are gaining more and more popularity, including a jumping, slalom waterskiing elements and some acrobatics. Wakeboarding is divided into two divisions: wakeboard, and wakeboard boat, electric traction (cable wakeboarding). In the first case, the athlete holds on to the rope and rushes for the boat, while engaging in performing various tricks, using the jumps and traveling waves. In contrast, in the cable wakeboarding person moves through the water due to a mechanical rope-tow facility that replaces the boat. Such plants are divided into the ring (wake parks where a person moves in a circle) and reverse (athlete goes only forward and backward).



In this sports athlete also goes for the boat-towing. On one side of the boat sinking ballast from one side creating a big wave. Sportsman riding on a special board “veykserf” – it has no fastenings, and it provides an opportunity to roll on a wave created by a boat. The main plus wakesurfing is that they can take on any body of water, and would board the boat.


Waterskiing – a movement through the water on a ski specially shaped cable connection (“rope”) with the boat. Water skiing divided into singles and doubles. Can be attributed to the guys figured and jump, and single – slalom (mono) ski. On view, curly skiing shortened and wide enough both ends thereof are bentslightly. Jump as are the long and strongly curved nose. Slalom ski is also a long, back and narrowed her toes curled. On the back (the part that slides over the water) in the slalom skis is the keel.


This is a popular form of sports tourism. His goal – to overcome the route of any body of water, more or less great. Among several types of boating: sea kayaking, rafting, sailing, hiking, and rafting.


The main equipment is gidrofoylera board, equipped with a seat (pad) underwater “wings” and fixings for the feet. Sportsman is riding her in a sitting position, holding the rope. Once dialed speed hydrofoil begins to rise above the water level with the rider. This changes the angle of attack of the wing (tilt up and down), and a man provokes a jump, making the trick. According to the complexity of the easiest trick in the hydrofoil is considered AIR GAINER – athlete jumps and spins back.



Kanopolo – playing in a team with the ball on kayaks on it even from a distance the current version of the rules. According to them, a team must have 8 players, 5 of them play, and 3 – in stock. Field size – 35 by 23 meters. Gate suspended at the height of 2 meters. Substitutions are not limited in any way. In kanopolo 2 halves, each lasting 10 minutes. If this is the final game, which determines the distribution of seats, in the case of a tie is assigned to extra time before the first goal.


Kayaking – a subspecies of boating, which takes place on a ship called the kayak. Kayaking is divided into kriking-alloy, marine and recreational kayaking, downhill skiing, kayaking and whitewater freestyle, slalom.

Mini Transat

The name Mini Transat, as well as transatlantic 6.50, Open Class 650 or Mini owned small yachts Mini class, which made cruising single race. Considered to be the main regatta race across the Atlantic Ocean, through which, in 1977, and came to the name of the class (trans atlantic). The class is open because the competition is open to all yachts that meet the necessary parameters.


The essence of parasailing is that people long sturdy rope attached to the boat and after the disclosure of a special parachute floating in the air the water. If the boat is powerful enough engine, then the parachute can simultaneously soar 2-3.



In America this name belongs to an inflatable sled, but as soon as we do not call them: tubing, tarts, bagels, snow tubing, donuts, inflatable sleds, toboggans Your Tube. Inflatable sled tubing very favorably with traditional sleigh: the weight is minimal, they are soft when riding, are safe during the descent, bright, colorful, and very importantly – they are easy to store due to the small volume in a deflated condition.

Tubing is divided into 2 types, winter and summer. In winter, the inflatable sled down the snowy hills with the slope less than 20 degrees. In the summer they are fused on the water, almost like a boat. But the advantage of tubing is that on the rivers over medium speed or while riding a sled behind a boat Tube break away from the water and float in the air a moment.

Freestyle of whitewater

This sport does not apply to the Olympic, where the main objective is considered to be an athlete perform various acrobatic elements on play spot (shaft or drum) for 45 seconds. This water sports items carried by the example of discipline “freestyle” in snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, water skiing and many others. To do freestyle on whitewater, you need to earn a certain level of knowledge of how your body and kayak. In some cases, an acrobatic freestyle on whitewater is the abbreviated name – freestyle kayaking. Acrobatic freestyle is considered the direction of modern youth kayaking, which is incredibly rapidly developing in our time.

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