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Using Proxies Enhances the Gaming Experience

Using Proxies Enhances the Gaming Experience
Using Proxies Enhances the Gaming Experience

The gaming industry has grown into a $178 billion global market in the last three decades, and it’s expected to increase by over 50% in the next few years. Many people play games to release their stress, and there are many who play games only for the pleasant passing of time. Nowadays, it has become more than a mind relaxing activity because people have progressively adopted multiplayer games for socializing. Online games have gotten more and more complex to build exceptional and immersive experiences to satisfy the needs of today’s market. As the games gained more complexities, most gamers had lower pings, increased loading time, and even lags while playing. 

Gamers are trying different tools and techniques to improve their gaming experience. Among the most widely used are proxy servers. Many seasoned online gamers use gaming proxies to reduce the latency between the server client and the player, and also to speed up the gaming operation. They can also utilize proxies to change their geographical location and play geo-restricted games. Evidently, using proxies is suitable for games, but choosing the most appropriate, affordable, and reliable proxy server is definitely a feat. Most such high-quality servers provide several random IP addresses and exceptional user experience, such as Smartproxy.

Gaming Proxies

Gaming companies frequently ban players from specific nations and regions for various reasons that they do not reveal. You can use proxies if you are experiencing problems accessing any game from your country. A private proxy can be used to connect to gaming servers, and these proxies are usually never even used before. Any account connecting using such proxies will be safe from potential bans or blocks. 

Furthermore, the web proxy server provides a service that allows users to view and play geo-restricted games within their domain. Gaming proxies conceal an internet user’s true virtual identity and facilitate data interchange while maintaining anonymity. In addition, the player can protect their accounts and connect to any server in the world privately and securely. 

Challenges Gaming Community Encounter Without Using Proxy 

Gaming is supposed to be enjoyable, a way to relax, a fantastic way to meet new people, and even a method to let off some steam. Gaming has merged with the online world throughout time. As a result, we’ve been able to play multiplayer games online and have gone to multiplayer competitive matches. 

However, every gamer encounters a situation that makes gaming appear more like a stressor than a de-stressor while playing games. Games usually have some policies and restrictions in place that apply to every gamer while initiating the game.

Here are a few common problems that every gamer encounters:

Game Lag

If you play online games, you’re familiar with extended lags, and it is highly annoying, especially when playing online multiplayer games. Even if you’re playing on a decent internet connection, the lags malign the gaming experience

Gamers increase the internet speed and use different tools to eliminate these lags, but they still persist and become a nuisance. Using proxy servers, however, will reduce these lags by providing high-speed and efficient server responses.

Corrupted Files Data Leakage 

Imagining losing everything you’ve worked for in one single swoop is quite painful. In all digital circumstances, saved file corruption implies you won’t run that file, or it could be a malicious file that reveals users’ data to a cybercriminal.

However, corruption is usually out of your control due to various factors ranging from sudden power-downs to bugs or just because the game is dumb.  

Getting Hacked

It might happen that you’re only playing for fun when your account is hacked and the hacker demands some money for getting back your account. If you don’t fulfill their needs, they will perform illegal activities to get your account permanently blocked by an automated gaming platform. 

IP address bans are relatively common, and they usually don’t indicate that you’ve done anything illegal. You may have restricted IP addresses in the past if you’re using a refurbished computer or received an old system from a friend.

Prominent Reasons For Using Gaming Proxies

There are several reasons to use gaming proxies, but we are listing some of them, which gamers seem to need the most.

Protect Your Digital Identity 

Hackers and other cybercriminals can use IP addresses to get users’ real names, social media profiles, bank account numbers, phone numbers, and other personal information. To tackle this, gaming proxies prohibit such intrusion by hiding users’ IP addresses and providing random IP addresses instead.

Prevent Game Lags

Frequent game lags are most common on local ISP connections or while linked to a terrible gamer server. One of the advantages of being an online player is playing without lag. Using game proxies will further improve the game speed, data caching, and 99.9% server uptime. It is also beneficial while playing multiplayer online role-playing games like PUBG, which requires quick reactions when cornered by enemies on the battlefield.

Access Geo-restricted Services

Users can use proxies to change their virtual location to play geo-restricted games. Similarly, region-banned titles like PUBG, Pokemon Go, Battlefield 4, Manhunt 2, GTA V, and others can be accessed by gamers from within the restricted territories. Gamers can also access in-game elements restricted by location within the gaming platform.

Connect with Other Regional Players

Game servers are typically divided into geographical regions, with anyone whose IP addresses lie within that zone able to connect to that server. In a similar way, gamers can interact with other players in different regions for social purposes or for creating new acquaintances.


Playing online games with proxies provides gamers with many benefits, including complete anonymity, faster speeds, and complete security. In addition, proxy servers make gaming more convenient by providing a random IP address for the location in which you want to play the game.

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