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  • Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

A Complete Guide On How To Complete ‘Not So Berry Challenge in Sims 4


Dec 11, 2023
Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge

Lilsimsie and Alwayswimming created the Not So Berry Challenge for The Sims 4 to replace the original Berry Challenge. Like any great task in The Sims 4, many clearly established regulations help you reach the objective. 

Not So Berry Challenge requires you to create a legacy of heirs with various berry hues, jobs, and chores to perform in their lifetime. 

We will tell you everything you need to get started with your own Not So Berry heirs.

The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge Rules 

A few rules apply to all Not So Berry Challenge heirs, although others are generational. 

Fortunately, the rules of this challenge are common sense and do not necessitate any time-consuming activities on the player’s side. 

Follow these fundamental guidelines, but additionally remember to evaluate generational rules:

  • Every heir (the primary Sim you begin with, followed by future heirs) must fully wear and embody the color of each generation. You don’t have to make their skin that hue (that’s why it’s called the Not So Berry Challenge), but you can if you like.
  • Spouses do not have to be the same color as their generation.
  • Money cheats are not illegal, but it is not advised. The primary trick challenge players use is the Freerealestate cheat to get started.
  • Players can dwell in any neighborhood.
  • Each generation’s heir’s career and dreams must be realized. Every heir must complete their ambition and career (see table below) before they die.
  • The lifespan setting should be regular, brief, and brief.

Not So Berry Challenge Generational Rules 

When you begin the Not So Berry challenge, you must identify the first generation’s successor. This begins with a mint-colored Sim and proceeds through each hue

  • Every successor must have a distinct vocation, desire, and characteristics.
  • Each generation has its own set of rules and tasks. 

All The Generations Of Not So Berry Challenge 

Generation One: Mint

You’re a scheming scientist who likes the color mint. You prioritize your profession while making time for amusing pranks and trips with your closest pals. You like luxury and want the finest for your family and yourself.

Traits– Squeamish, Jealous, Materialistic


  • Strangerville Mystery Nerd Brain Chief of Mischief Careers:

Scientist Skills at Level 10:

  • Maximum (Level 10) Mischief

Other Objectives:

  • The Entire Elements Collection
  • Pay a visit to Siam.
  • Having and/or raising an alien child

Generation Two: Rose 

You got all you wanted as a youngster and now want to make a difference and make the world better. Your life is committed to improving the world for future generations. 

If The Sims 4 had a workaholic attribute, you’d have it. Because having a family has never been your priority, you have no maternal instincts, yet you adore your child with all your heart.

Traits– Self-Assured, Hot-Headed, and Insider


  • Friends of the World 
  • Pack Leader 
  • Eco-Innovator 


  • Level 6 (Conservationist Director) of the Conservationist Career Pathway
  • Level 10 Civil Designer Career
  • Political Career Level 10


  • Max (Level 10) Research & Discussion
  • Maximum (Level 10) Charisma

Other objectives:

  • Accumulate enough Aspiration Points to buy the Incredibly Friendly and Connections. 
  • Clean up Sulani and Restore the Ecosystem of the Islands
  • Get a Green Eco Footprint by cleaning up Port Promise.
  • You only have one child.

Bonus Objectives:

  • Complete the Social Butterfly desire as a child and receive the Socially Gifted Trait.
  • As a teen, you can achieve “Good Manners” and another good Personality Trait of your choice.

Generation Three: Yellow 

You never had a close relationship with your mother as a child since she was usually out fighting for her own causes. You enjoyed spending time with your grandmother because she lavished you with attention and spoiled you rotten. 

You sought that amount of attention from others after Mom died. You now want the entire world to know what your name is.

Traits– Ambitious, self-absorbed, and a klutz


  • World Famous Celebrity Mansion Baron
  • Master Actor/Actress Musical Genius Joke Star 


  • Complete one or more of the following careers: 
  • Actor/Actress Entertainer (any branch) 
  • Social Media (Internet Personality) 


  • Max (Level 5) Photography
  • Max (Level 5) Media Production
  • Maximum (Level 10) in two or more of the: 
    • Comedy Guitar Piano Violin

Other objectives include:

  • Purchase or construct a home in The Pinnacles
  • Date and/or marry another celebrity
  • Have a pristine reputation, even if you must pay for it (i.e., bribe the paparazzi).
  • Organize a Gold Level Meet and Greet Event
  • Have a Gold Level Charity Gala (after all, you are your mother’s daughter).
  • Earn a Gold Accolade Award
  • Get your diamond on Starlight Boulevard.

Optional Extra Goals:

  • Complete the Artistic Prodigy ambition as a kid and receive the Creatively Gifted Trait.
  • As a youngster or adolescent advances to the highest level of Drama Club

Generation Four: Grey 

You’ve always felt different from your parents and siblings. Your mother demanded that you learn to play a musical instrument when you were a youngster, but while you learned to enjoy music, your true interests lie elsewhere. 

You excel in sports and aspire to be a professional athlete. While your parents and sibling(s) like being in the spotlight, you have discovered that you prefer to be alone or with close friends and teammates. 

You have some wonderful pals, but your love life is a shambles as you try to find one. To compensate for your nearly non-existent relationship with your parents, you want to be as present as possible for your children. Oh, and you enjoy singing!!

Characteristics: Active, music lover, loner


  • Sports Enthusiast 
  • Bodybuilder 
  • Super Parent 


  • Bodybuilder Career (Professional Athlete Track) 


  • Maximum (Level 10) Fitness
  • Maximum (Level 10) Max Snowboarding (Level 10) Max Skiing (Level 10) Singing
  • Level 5 in violin and/or piano (you were required to attend lessons as a child/teen)

Other Goals: 

  • Obtain the Gym Rat characteristic that awards
  • Attend university on a soccer scholarship and play on the squad.
  • Earn the MVP by becoming a Soccer Team Playmaker! MVP! Soccer Award
  • Before meeting a wife, you had three unsuccessful relationships.
  • Make friends with all of your kids.
  • Eat at least one meal a day as a family.
  • Every Sunday, engage in a family activity such as viewing a movie, going bowling, visiting a festival, hiking, volunteering, reading together, and so on.

Optional Bonus Goals: 

  • Complete the boisterous scamp ambition as a youngster to obtain the physically talented characteristic.
  • Reach the pinnacle of one (or more) of the following as a teen: 
    • Lifeguard part-time career 
    • Football Team Cheer Squad

Generation Five: Plum

Even if you question yourself – you are your own harshest critic – you are an overachiever and have always been good at whatever you did. When choosing a career, you can’t decide, so why not try a few? 

You decide that attending university is the best approach to explore your alternatives. Unfortunately, selecting a major is much more difficult than selecting a career. 

You are always concerned about making the wrong option and being judged by others. After graduation, you attempt a variety of careers before deciding to become a doctor. 

Traits: Paranoid, bookworm, and noncommittal


  • Academic Renaissance Sim Best Selling Author 


  • Work as a doctor until you reach maturity.
  • Freelance Writer – Maximum Output


  • Writing (Level 10) and two additional talents of your choice
  • Attain a level of 8 in at least six different skills.

Other objectives:

  • Enroll in university and change your major after the first semester. Consider changing schools.
  • Throughout your life, you should visit at least three distinct planets.
  • Get married, but leave someone at the altar.
  • Get married, divorce, and then remarry to the same Sim.
  • Have at least one kid as a young adult and a second (heir) as an adult later in life.
  • You should not publish any of your books. UNTIL you have reached your peak performance in the Freelance Writer Career

Bonus Objectives:

  • Reach level 3 in all Toddler Skills as a toddler to gain the Happy Toddler Trait (attempt level 5 in all skills to obtain the Top Notch Toddler Trait).
  • Complete at least two kid ambitions (aim to get all four).
  • As a teen, excel in at least one part-time job or after-school activity.
  • You should be able to gain at least two good character attributes (aim for all five).

Generation Six: Orange

You were reared in a chaotic environment as the black sheep of your family (but with orange hair). Because your parents had you later in life, you are significantly younger than your older sibling(s). 

Because your mother’s paranoia worsened as she grew older, she is stricter with you – no dating, an early curfew, and a laundry list of tasks. You rebel as an adolescent, breaking curfew, stealing, skipping school, etc.

You can’t wait to get out and see the world, having one adventure after another. You want to climb mountain peaks, discover woods and jungles, travel, and fall in love along the way. 

You decide that joining the military is your only way out and enroll as quickly as feasible. When you reach level 5, the higher-ups see your talent and give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. They want you to leave the military and go into space. How can you pass up the chance to see space – there is no greater adventure! Right?!.


  • Outdoor Enthusiast Collector
  • The Serial Romantic
  • at least two of the following “Location Aspirations”
  • Mt. Komorebe Sightseeing Jungle Explorer Archeology Scholar Beach Life
  • Aspirational Goal: (Journey to Batuu) Galactic Privateer


  • Level 5 Military Astronaut 
  • Level 10 (Smuggler Branch)


  • Max (Level 10) Rocket Science (required to complete the rocket upgrade)
  • Max (Level 10) Herbalism (required to fulfill the Outdoor Enthusiast goal)
  • Handiness (Level 10) (required to explore Hidden Grotto)

Other objectives:

  • Make at least one member of your family (father, older sibling, etc.) your enemy.
  • Investigate all of the secret worlds.
  • The Sylvan Glade
  • House of the Forgotten Grotto Hermits
  • Mt. Komorebi Peak around 6 a.m., for example.
  • Have a Romantic Rendezvous with someone from each area you visit (such as the Granite Falls Hermit, a Sixam Alien, a Selvadorian Local, a Sulani Mermaid, and so on).
  • Woohoo in as many unusual places as possible (for example, a waterfall, hot springs, ice cave, rocket ship, tent, bush, and so on).
  • Rent an affordable fixer-upper flat.
  • Finish the postcard collection

Generation Seven: Pink

You grew up poor, living paycheck to paycheck since your mother was more interested in going on adventures than making money. Your place is crammed with goods she accumulated but refuses to sell. 

You work in business to make ends meet, but you also paint, knit, fabricate, woodwork, create candles, and so on to supplement your income. You sell your wares on Plopsy, flea markets, and communal marketplaces. 

You could even sell one item or two from your mother’s collection when she isn’t looking – she has so much stuff she won’t even know it’s gone.

You fantasize about one day having a retail business and becoming incredibly wealthy. You’re a hopeless romantic, yet your unflirty personality makes it practically hard to find love, but you’re desperate to meet your soulmate.

Traits: Creative, Maker, Unflirty


  • Fabulously 
  • Wealthy 
  • Soulmate
  • And,
    • Painter extraordinaire 
    • Lord/Lady of the Knits Master Maker


  • Business Level 6 (Senior Manager) 
  • Freelance Crafter 


  • Artist Max (Level 10) 
  • Painting Max (Level 10) 
  • Knitting Max (Level 10) 
  • Max (Level 5) Cross Stitching

Other objectives:

  • Attend the Flea Market whenever it comes to San Myshuno to sell your stuff.
  • Open and maintain a retail store where you may sell your crafts.
  • Get the Creative Visionary reward characteristic.

Generation Eight: Onyx 

You witness the death of a loved one (grandparent, parent, sibling, pet) at a young age and later see their spirit wandering the halls at night. Sadly, no one in the family believes you. 

You developed an interest in the paranormal. You are fascinated with ghosts, vampires, witches, and other supernatural beings and frequently dress up in costumes. You adore Halloween and organizing costume parties for your friends and family. 

Growing up in your childhood, your friends called you a “geek” because you dressed up and spoke about the supernatural. But you don’t care because you like anything supernatural and aspire to be an occult sim someday. 

Traits: Slob, Geek, Cat (or Dog) Addict


  • Complete at least one of the following:
  • Good Vampire Master Vampire Vampire Family Potion Maker Spellcaster and Sorcerer 


  • Skills as a Paranormal Investigator:
    • Maximum (Level 15) 
    • Max Vampiric Lore (Level 10) 
    • Max Pipe Organ (Level 5) Medium

Other objectives:

  • Join the “Order of Enchantments” and attend university (any major).
  • Make friends with a ghost, vampire, extraterrestrial, mermaid, witch, or werewolf.
  • Make friends with Bonehilda by summoning her.
  • Fall in love with an additional occult Sim(s) you choose.
  • Make friends with the Grim Reaper to unlock the “Hello, Darkness, My Old Chum” achievement.
  • Become a Vampire and/or Spellcaster by living in a haunted house.
  • Learn all of the spells and potions if you become a Spellcaster.
  • Resurrect a ghost from the dead
  • Have a cat (or dog) as your familiar if you become a spellcaster.

What Packs Do You Need For Not So Berry Challenge?

Three expansion packs are appropriate for the Not So Berry challenge. Get Together, Get to Work, and City Living are the names of these packs. 

If you lack one or more of these expansion packs, you can still try to finish the challenge. 

Simply replace necessities (such as living in a Needs TLC apartment) with the best comparable.

Final Thoughts

Remember that a challenge in The Sims 4 is an unofficial set of goals to achieve. Any Sims 4 challenge can be taken with seriousness. 

The main goal is for you to experience The Sims 4 in a new way. So, if you need to make changes to make the challenge more enjoyable or accessible, go ahead!! 

By Sara

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