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8 Rarest Biomes In Minecraft That You Need To Know About

Minecraft is full of rarest biomes that have been modelled after taking inspiration from real-world vegetation patterns. This is a pretty old game and over time, several rarest biomes have been added to the Minecraft world. There are different types of biomes that you will come across in the game. Some are snowy, some are rocky, some tropical, and the list goes on.

A total of 79 biomes in the Java Edition and 75 in Bedrock. These could be common or uncommon but some of these are rare or very rare in Minecraft and can hardly be seen. This blog will discuss some of the rarest Minecraft biome. Read on to find out!

1. Modified Jungle Edge

Modified Jungle Edge Biomes

This is the rarest of the rare biomes in Minecraft. As of now, this is the only biome in Minecraft with the label of ‘extremely rare’. It is so very rare because it generates only under strict conditions.

Now, if you want a modified jungle to rise, you need to have a Swamp Hills biome that should spawn just outside the edge of a Jungle biome. Keep in mind that the Swamp Hills biome is also quite rare. The modified jungle edge biome covers an area of only 0.00027% millionths of the overworld.

These spawn over a couple of hundred blocks only in length and in other scenarios they cover less than 10 blocks.

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2. Modified Badlands Plateau

Modified Badlands Plateau

Modified Badlands Plateau comes with the label of ‘very rare’ and is the second-most rarest biome in the Minecraft world. Also, this is the only biome that is deemed ‘very rare’ and it features smaller plateaus and harsh terrain which is not similar to the regular Badlands plateau.

You’ll also find Mineshafts getting generated in the Modified Badlands Plateau sometimes. This biome looks somewhat similar to real-life large plateaus that get weathered a lot with time.

3. Snowy Taiga Mountains

Snowy Taiga Mountains

Snowy Taiga Mountains biome is the third rarest biome found in the Minecraft game. As compared to the regular Taiga Mountains, these mountains are way too high, steeper, and far more irregular. So, keep in mind that this terrain is dangerous while navigating.

Much unlike the Snowy Taiga biome, you won’t find any igloo, villages, and outposts here in the Snowy Taiga Mountains biome.

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4. Mushroom Fields and Mushroom Field Shore

Mushroom Fields and Mushroom Field Shore

Mushroom Fields are a type of non-variant biome in Minecraft and the rarest of this type. This biome gets generated in the form of an island that is surrounded by the ocean and they also appear to be touching land sometimes. On rare occasions, Mushroom Fields can be totally landlocked, but that seldom happens.

Also, this is the only biome where mushroom-covered cows aka Mooshrooms spawn on their own. Now, Mushroom Field Shore is a variant of Mushroom Fields and it is a technical type of biome. It is generated when a river cuts through the Mushroom Fields and also when it borders an ocean.

This one is not as shallow or flat as the Mushroom Fields. And sometimes, Buried Treasure and shipwrecks can also get generated on Mushroom Field Shore biomes.

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5. Bamboo Jungle, Bamboo Jungle Hills

Bamboo Jungle biome is a variation of the jungle biome. This one consists of densely packed bamboo trees. It is one of the few places where you can find Podzol which is a special type of dirt block.

All animal mobs that can be found in Jungles also spawn here and in Bamboo Jungle Hills. Jungle Pyramids can also get generated in these biomes. An interesting detail is that pandas have a higher spawn rate in Bamboo Jungle and Bamboo Jungle Hills. This is surely a reference to the real world where pandas are found in bamboo jungles.

6. Ice Spikes

Ice Spikes

If you have played in the Snowy Tundra biome, then Ice Spikes will seem somewhat similar to it. This biome features chilly huge spikes of ice along with glaciers. Earlier, this was the exclusive biome where you could have found Packed Ice, but not anymore after the Aquatic update.

You will find that the Ice Spikes come in 2 sizes: short and wide, and tall and thin. The general height of the spikes is in the range of 10 to 20 blocks but the tall and thin ones can go up to a whopping 50 blocks. Another noteworthy thing is that the only animals found in this biome are rabbits and polar bears.

7. Gravelly Mountains

gravelly mountains minecraft

Both Gravelly Mountains and Gravelly Mountains+ are rare to find in Minecraft. So, the topmost layers of these mountains are made of Gravel and not stone or grass. These mountain variants generally have less grass, and so, fewer trees spawn here.

The Gravelly Mountains+ look almost the same as the regular Gravelly Mountains biome. But, the Gravelly Mountains+ have taller peaks that are similar to those in the Wooded Mountains. This is a standalone biome variant that is created when a Desert Lake gets surrounded by a Snow-based biome that starts acting as its border.

8. Eroded Badlands

Eroded Badlands

Eroded Badlands is a rare variant of the Badland biome. This one generates unique structures of high and thin spires made of terracotta. These spires arise from the floor of a canyon.

Generally, deserts are not generated alongside the Eroded Badlands. And if you are playing the Bedrock Edition, then here the passive mobs like pigs, sheep, cows, and bats also spawn in this biome.

This biome draws inspiration from the Bryce Canyon located in Utah, USA that also features similar-looking beautiful spires.

Final Words

Minecraft sure has a lot of biomes to offer. While all of these are replete with interesting things to explore and check, it might be beneficial to know what the rarest biomes have in store for us. You never know where you might find yourself in Minecraft and more knowledge about the rarest biomes will keep you very prepared. We hope that our list of 8 rarest biomes in Minecraft has been useful and interesting to you!

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