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  • Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

How to Get Strawberries in Sims 4 [Complete Guide]


Dec 26, 2023
How to Get Strawberries in Sims 4

The Sims 4 includes a remarkably detailed gardening system that isn’t too difficult to learn. Gardening in The Sims 4 is as simple as buying or discovering seeds, planting them, caring for them, and harvesting them. 

However, depending on your Expansion Packs and your gardening passion, it can be much more.

Where To Find Strawberries In Sims 4 In 2024?

Find Strawberries In Sims 4

There are several methods for discovering or acquiring strawberries in The Sims 4, with more methods accessible if you have specific expansion packs. 

Explore The World( Base Game)

Explore The World

Many diverse plants will sprout all around the environment in The Sims 4. If you explore the region around the lot where you are playing, you will likely come across a few plants that are either harvestable or not. 

  • You can see the type of plant by holding your mouse over the plant. 
  • Strawberries can be found easily this way if you’re lucky and they’re growing near your sim’s lot. 
  • One significant advantage of this strategy is that picking a strawberry from one of these plants is completely free. 
  • However, it is not the most effective method because plants are randomly distributed among the numerous planets. 

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Debugging The Game

The debug catalog is only accessible using a cheat. How to use the cheat:

  • Hold down CTRL + SHIFT + C. 
  • Enter testingcheats true into the white bar in the screen’s upper left corner.
  • Type in the buy debug cheat, bb. show hidden objects, and hit enter (if you want to unlock even more objects, type in bb.showliveditobjects and hit enter after that).

You can now access all products in the debug catalog while in build mode. 

  • Use the search box to find strawberries, then add one to your game. It’s as simple as that.

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Expansion Packs(Buy From Vendors At Stall)

grocery store in new appaloosa neighbourhood from the sims 4 horse ranch

Several expansion packs for The Sims 4 add stands to the game. The stands in Sims 4 Cottage Living (the best pack for purchasing food), Sims 4 City Living, and Sims 4 Seasons are the most helpful in your search to obtain strawberries in the game. It is worth noting that one strawberry will cost around 44 simoleons utilizing this strategy.

There Are So Many Locations, How Do I Obtain Strawberries?

  • Each neighborhood of San Myshuno has a stand in the outside spaces in The Sims 4 City Living. 
  • Every day, the stands in the game change automatically and rotate. 
  • There are produce markets in the spice area, arts quarter, and fashion district, so if you go to San Myshuno, you should be able to find and buy strawberries from the merchants there. 
  • If you don’t discover any on your initial visit, return the next day and you should find some!

How To Find a Specific Vendor?

  • Pack-specific vendor stands frequently appear solely in the world connected with that pack, but luckily for us, the Sims 4 Seasons stands spawn randomly throughout many different worlds. 
  • For example, look for Willow Creek’s Foundry Cove residential neighborhood. These stands offer strawberries, so it’s worth searching your sim’s neighborhood to see if there are any. 
How Does Sims Cottage Living Help Gain Strawberries In 2024?
  • The Sims 4 Cottage Living makes purchasing all fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, a breeze. 
  • You can walk to Goldbloom’s Grocery Shop and Crumplebottom’s Garden Shop from the village center of Henford-On-Bagley by loading into one of the properties in Finchwick. 
  • These two stands both sell strawberries

Although the things on sale do rotate sometimes, if you don’t locate them the first time you visit, we recommend returning them the next day. 

Note:- Remember that both stores are open only from 9 am to 7 pm during game time! 

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Purchase Seeds ( Sims 4 Seasons)

Seasonal seed packets are available for purchase in The Sims 4 Seasons. Strawberries are in season in the spring, so purchase the Seasonal Spring Seed Packet to obtain strawberries in your sim’s inventory immediately! 

  • You can purchase seed packets by clicking on a garden pot or a planter box. 
  • In-game, one seasonal spring seed package will cost 100 simoleons. 
  • If you want to produce additional strawberries, remember they will take around 5 days and 6 hours to harvest.

How To Plant Strawberries In Sims 4?

  • Request that your Sim order seed packs using their phone or computer.
  • Open the seed packets you’ll find in your Sim’s inventory. This will provide you with whole flowers or produce rather than seeds.
  • Drag the crop or flower from the seed packet to the location where you wish to plant it. Gardens can be created on your property’s bare ground or in containers.
  • Choose the food or flower you choose and then click “plant.”

You’ll need to water and weed them, which will appear as selectable options as needed, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on the plants.

How To Increase Gardening Skills In Sims 4?

You can unlock more gardening activities as you progress through the skill levels:

  • Gardening skill level 1: Plant, harvest, water, weed, and sell plants; purchase Starter, Seasonal, and Catnip Seed Packets.
  • Gardening skill level 2: Research plants, irrigate many regions at once, develop plants, and do computer research on gardening.
  • Level 3 gardening ability: Fertilize plants
  • Gardening skill level 4: Communicate with plants, harvest many regions at once
  • Gardening skill level 5: Plant cuttings, grafting plants
  • Gardening skill level 6: Weeding many areas at once
  • Gardening skill level 7: Purchase Uncommon and Farmer’s Seed Packets and spray for pests.

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Now we are all done!! Feed your Sims tons of strawberries, but don’t spend all your money on such escapades. Growing strawberries is easy in Sims 4, so try it a try!!

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