Forza Horizon 2 Freezing Bug Tied to Xbox One October Update

Forza Horizon 2

Xbox One owners now have their second exclusive racing game, Forza Horizon 2, which shipped to stores Sept. 30. It now appears that the showstopping exclusive has also stopped Xbox One consoles themselves. Many Xbox One owners are reporting Forza Horizon 2 freezing issues. The Forza Horizon 2 bug seems to be limited to early adopters of the Xbox One October system update. Although that's a small subset of Xbox One owners, watching Forza Horizon 2 freezing up would be disheartening for anyone. According to forum … [Read more...]

PlayStation Plus Subscription Price Increase Regional – For Now

PS4 interface

PlayStation Plus subscribers browsing the PSN store in certain regions have suddenly found it much more expensive to do so. Sony today has begun implementing a PlayStation Plus subscription price increase of up to 50% in select areas. The PlayStation Plus subscription price increase has only affected South Africa, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine. It does not appear that the PSN price increase will make its way to the EU or North America, though sometimes trial balloons like this end up being more than adjustments to meet … [Read more...]

Watch Patriots vs Chiefs Live Monday Night Football Online Free Week 4

Kansas City Chiefs Alex Smith

Kansas City was among the last undefeated teams in the NFL last year, but even amid that success people would've looked at you odd if you'd put Alex Smith and Tom Brady in the same category. This season the argument holds ground. The two quarterbacks face-off in Monday Night Football tonight as the New England Patriots hit the road to take on the Kansas City Chiefs on MNF on ESPN. And frankly, Smith has the upper hand. Through three weeks the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has completed 64 of 102 pass attempts for … [Read more...]

Watch Eagles vs 49ers Game Live Online Free Streaming NFL Week 4

New England Patriots Philadelphia Eagles

Two years ago a conversation about quarterbacks Nick Foles and Colin Kaepernick would’ve gone like this: one guy’s very mobile, can be a reliable passer and seems to eat defenses for breakfast. The other is erratic and hasn’t led his team to a winning record. The script’s basically the same going into today’s 4:25 EST game on FOX between the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers. It’s just that the QBs’ roles have been switched. The 49ers enter today’s game 1-2 with a struggling Kaepernick and a defense still … [Read more...]

Watch Titans vs Colts Game Live Online Free Streaming NFL Week 4

Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck NY Giants

Las Vegas bookies and NFL fans alike expect today’s Tennessee Titans / Indianapolis Colts game to be one of the most lopsided games of Week 4. It’s seldom a good idea to bet against Andrew Luck at home, but the bigger story is the Titans quarterback situation, as Jake Locker is highly unlikely to play in today’s Titans Colts game live at 1pm EST on CBS. Not that Jake Locker is the NFL’s best quarterback, but his likely absence is a big reason Vegas has Indianapolis as an eight-point favorite as you watch today’s … [Read more...]

Watch Buccaneers vs Steelers Game Live Online Free Streaming NFL Week 4

Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger

If the Pittsburgh Steelers hadn’t begun to show signs of life last week, today’s 1pm game on FOX between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers would’ve been just about last on most people’s watch lists. The Buccaneers have continued to play awfully, and the Steelers own the Bucs just about every time out. With today’s Bucs Steelers game live at Heinz Field, expecting anything but another Steelers win would be sheer madness. Pittsburgh has beaten the Bucs in eight of nine games, and they’ve flat-out … [Read more...]

Watch Dolphins vs Raiders Game Online Live Free Streaming London NFL Week 4

Miami Dolphins Ryan Tannehill

Were it not being played live in London’s Wembley Stadium, today’s 1pm game on CBS between the Miami Dolphins and Oakland Raiders would essentially be the Stink Bowl. The first of three NFL games to be played in London this year, today’s Dolphins / Raiders game live won’t exactly be putting the best foot forward for the American sport overseas. Fortunately the Brits might not notice. For all the hype and hope thrown upon Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill, the young QB hasn’t yet delivered this season. Through three … [Read more...]

Watch Panthers vs Ravens Game Online Free Live Streaming NFL Week 4

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

There’s little question today’s Carolina Panthers vs Baltimore Ravens game is the one on most people’s “gotta watch live” list. Not only is Cam Newton back and playing well, but today’s Panthers / Ravens game at 1pm EST on CBS is the first time Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith will face-off against his former team. Smith was surprisingly cut by the Panthers in the spring in spite of holding the franchise records for total receptions, touchdowns and receiving yards. The thinking at the time was that Smith was too … [Read more...]

Watch Saints vs Cowboys Game Online Free Live Sunday Night Football NFL Week 4

Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo

Both the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints enter tonight’s NBC Sunday Night Football game at 8:30 EST on the heels of a Week 3 victory. Unfortunately for the Saints, it was their first of the year, and they’re back on the road tonight at AT&T Stadium. The Cowboys, meanwhile, are 2-1 and three-point favorites in tonight’s Saints Cowboys game live. New Orleans has played the Cowboys well in recent years, winning the past three times these teams have met. Although last season was a 49-17 blowout, the games in 2012 … [Read more...]

Watch Jaguars vs Chargers Online Live Free Streaming Week 4

San Diego Chargers Philip Rivers Bengals

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers already has the league’s fourth-best Total QBR (78). After today’s 4:05 EST home game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on CBS, he could very well jump up to number two or three. That’s reason enough right there to watch today’s Jaguars Chargers game live. Oh, and the fact that rookie quarterback Blake Bortles will get his first career start for the Jaguars. Through three weeks Jacksonville has allowed opposing quarterbacks to hit an average passer rating of 110.3 while … [Read more...]