Watch Colts vs Patriots Live Online Free AFC Championship Game Live Stream CBS Sports

Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck NY Giants

If Andrew Luck left behind the Peyton Manning demons last Sunday, he's run head-first into an even bigger obstacle as we watch AFC Championship Game live today. When the Indianapolis Colts take on the New England Patriots, Luck will try to get his first victory over the Pats since coming into the NFL. Luck and the Colts have surprised a lot of fans with their performance this season, but so have the Patriots. That's a big reason New England's favored over the Colts by 7 points. If you're not near a TV, you can watch … [Read more...]

Watch Packers vs Seahawks Live Online NFC Championship Game Free Live Stream Fox Sports

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch vs. New Orleans Saints

Fans who watch Seattle Seahawks live all season will understand the poetic justice in today's Seahawks vs Packers game. The Seahawks and Green Bay Packers first met in Week 1, the first time Seattle was defending its Super Bowl title. Today the teams face off with the winner headed to the 2015 Super Bowl, a journey with many twists and turns for both teams since that time. Seattle dealt a key receiver, struggled defensively and looked lost at times. Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers at one point had to tell Packers fans to … [Read more...]

Denver Broncos Fire Head Coach John Fox

watch Denver Broncos game free online live streaming

The breaking news from Sports Authority Field at Mile High this evening is a headline few fans saw coming: Denver Broncos fire head coach John Fox. While much of the speculation about Denver's future revolved around Peyton Manning's future, Fox's future seemed relatively stable. While Manning had reportedly played with a torn right quadriceps muscle that contributed to his poor play down the stretch, Fox had fully recovered from his 2013 surgery to win the heart of Broncos players. Apparently the same didn't hold … [Read more...]

New Buffalo Bills Head Coach: Rex Ryan

Buffalo Bills EJ Manuel Jets

The name of the new Buffalo Bills head coach may surprise a few people, even though the candidate's name had been bandied about for days. But sure enough, the Bills today confirmed what the rumor mill had been grinding since the weekend: Rex Ryan is on his way upstate. Ryan was fired just weeks ago by the New York Jets, along with general manager John Idzik. After multiple losing seasons and failed experiments with QBs Mark Sanchez, Geno Smith and Michael Vick, Ryan's failure to deliver regular playoff appearances … [Read more...]

Peyton Manning Injured, Played with Torn Thigh Since December

Denver Broncos Peyton Manning Texans JJ Watt

Was Denver Bronocs QB Peyton Manning injured during yesterday's loss to the Indianapolis Colts? He may have been, and in fact it may not have been a one-game thing. Manning's faltering performance in yesterday's losing effort has led to speculation about whether he's played his last NFL game. But it may not have been a quick deterioration. According to reports, two people inside the Denver Broncos knew Peyton Manning injured his right quadriceps (thigh) muscle back in December. The injury came on a pass during the … [Read more...]

New Trainer by Gibson Headphone Line Jumps Into the Fray with Usain Bolt

Trainer by Gibson headphones

Everyone seems to be getting into the active-headphone market it seems, including Gibson brands, which came out of the gates as CES by announcing its Trainer by Gibson headphones. While you may think of Gibson as a guitar brand, the company has a strong heritage in audio technology, and their Trainer by Gibson headphones are no exception. Trainer by Gibson is going to be a full-on health line for Gibson, not just a single headphone. However, to be sure the brand gets off on the right foot, it's hired Usain Bolt -- … [Read more...]

Yezz Billy 5S LTE Integrates Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 Processor

Yezz Billy 5S LTE

Last September pre-orders launched for a new handset with a funny name: the Yezz Billy 4.7 Windows Phone. Far from just a silly name, the hardware packed punch, so at CES the manufacturer unveiled its Yezz Billy 5S LTE phone, a worthy successor under the hood and above it. Unlike its predecessor the Billy 4.7, the Billy 5S is capable of 4G LTE due to its integrated Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. And while Yezz showed a Windows Phone, Android phone and even a Firefox OS-based phone, the company gives a little … [Read more...]

Samsung Smart TVs Get PlayStation Now Game Streaming Service

Samsung TVs PlayStation Now

Sony's apparently sold enough PlayStation 4 consoles. It doesn't need to sell any more, and will instead focus on offering PlayStation videogames through competitors' devices. Competitors in the TV space, that is. At CES last week Sony announced that Samsung Smart TVs will be able to stream videogames directly via Sony's PlayStation Now service. Samsung and Sony have been bitter rivals in the TV battle, but the companies have come together to enable owners of a variety of 2015-model-year Samsung Smart TVs to play … [Read more...]

Watch Lions vs Cowboys Game Online Free NFC Wild Card Live Streaming Fox Sports

Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo

NFL fans who watch Dallas Cowboys online free or on TV this season know quarterback Tony Romo has shaken some “not a clutch player” demons. Win today’s NFC Wild Card game against the Detroit Lions, and he’ll have shaken them for good. Romo and the Cowboys have been a different team this year, with their high-powered offense taking Dallas to a 12-4 record. But if any team can stop the Cowboys it’s the Lions. If you can’t watch the Cowboys game live on TV, you can watch Lions vs Cowboys game online free NFC Wild Card live … [Read more...]

Watch Cardinals vs Panthers Game Live Online NFC Wild Card Free Live Stream ESPN

Carolina Panthers Cam Newton

The Arizona Cardinals live fanbase expected to be in the playoffs all season long. It just didn't expect to watch Cardinals game from a distance and as in the NFC South Wild Card game. Meanwhile, the Carolina Panthers struggled through injuries and adversity this season to make a late-season push for the playoffs. Today's NFC Wild Card game features two very different teams, two very different records, but one big goal: advance to Week 2. If you're not near a TV to watch the NFC South Wild Card game live, you can watch … [Read more...]