Carolina Panthers Greg Hardy Domestic Violence Charges Dropped

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The breaking sports news out of Charlotte, North Carolina, today is of a very different variety than the news cycle out of Chapel Hill. Prosecutors in Charlotte today announced that the Greg Hardy domestic violence charges have been dropped, as the accuser of the Carolina Panthers' defensive end failed to appear in court. Hardy had been accused last year of domestic violence by Nicole Holder, his ex-girlfriend. Although Hardy was scheduled to begin his appeal hearing Monday, Holder had not made herself available to … [Read more...]

Top Three Sports Promotions from Super Bowl 49

New England Patriots Tom Brady

In the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 49, pundits and fans said the Seattle Seahawks vs New England Patriots game could be the best Super Bowl in years. Indeed, when the dust settled we had all been treated to one of the most whipsawing, entertaining and competitive NFL championship games in years. The networks all ran their promotions about Tom Brady vs Russell Wilson, Rob Gronkowski vs Seattle’s “Legion of Boom” secondary, and even Bill Belichick vs Pete Carroll. Those storylines were all warranted. Each of those … [Read more...]

Watch Super Bowl 49 Online Free Live Stream in 2015 for First Time

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Last year's Super Bowl 48 between the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos was the most-watched TV broadcast in American history. More than 117 million people are expected to watch Super Bowl 49 between the Seahawks and New England Patriots this year, likely breaking last year's record. But for fans not near a TV, the NFL is, for the first time, letting fans watch Super Bowl 49 online free live stream as well. Super Bowl 49 kickoff between the Seahawks and Patriots is slated for 6:30 EST / 3:30 PST. The pre-game shows … [Read more...]

Aaron Rodgers Named NFL MVP Over JJ Watt by AP

Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers vs Cowboys

On Super Bowl Sunday, a time when NFL headlines are at their peak, seeing Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers named NFL MVP is one of the last headlines fans expected to see. However, in the words of Rodgers himself, fans need to "relax" if they think the Packers QB "stole" the award from other top candidates including J.J. Watt. Though the Associated Press can at times play favorites, Rodgers' stats warrant the award. Rodgers was named AP MVP because reporters from the news service felt he meant the most to … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Bets Move to Pick Em, Seahawks to Bust Betting Again?

Seattle Seahawks Russell Wilson

The Super Bowl bets are in, and as of Sunday morning Vegas bookies have made the Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl a "pick 'em" game. But does having the Super Bowl betting odds equal for both teams mean Vegas will be any worse off than it was in 2014? It could. Those 50/50 Super Bowl betting odds certainly indicate fans are split between who they think will win. In fact, it wasn't until Vegas started seeing "big, influential money" on the Seahawks that moved the Super Bowl to a pick-em against the Patriots. Prior to … [Read more...]

Kam Chancellor Injury Unlikely to Impact Super Bowl Status

Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman vs San Francisco 49ers

In the Seattle Seahawks last practice before the Super Bowl Friday, a freak Kam Chancellor injury threw the Seattle players and faithful into a moment of panic. A knee injury at the goal line looked like it would put one of the top two defenders on the would-be Super Bowl repeat champions out of the lineup. As of late Saturday, that fear had apparently been put to rest. The Kam Chancellor injury at first looked bad. The injury came near the end of Friday's practice, when Chancellor fell down near the goal line and … [Read more...]

Top 5 Super Bowl Drinking Games: Seahawks vs Patriots Edition

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The 2015 Super Bowl features the Seattle Seahawks in their second straight Super Bowl and the New England Patriots in their sixth overall. But those aren't the only traditions in this year's big game. Pizza, chips, awesome ads and adult beverages are part of the annual rite, and they'll be out in full force for the Seahawks vs Patriots Super Bowl too. With that in mind, here is our Top 5 Super Bowl drinking games: Seahawks vs Patriots edition if you're more focused on that last part of the equation. Johnny Manziel, … [Read more...]

It’s Not Just the New England Patriots Deflating Footballs, Says Former QB

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Is Deflategate real? Could the accusations of the New England Patriots deflating footballs have long-term implications for one of the two teams in this year's Super Bowl? According to a former NFL quarterback who played for seven teams, the "Deflategate" controversy is indeed real, at least in perception. But he says the practice is common and shouldn't be any indicator about the Patriots' ability to follow league rules. Why? Because, according to Jeff Blake, every team in the league deflates game balls right before … [Read more...]

Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl Media Day May Get Him Fined Anyway

Seattle Seahawks Marshawn Lynch vs. New Orleans Saints

The Seattle Seahawks' enigmatic but powerful running back may have ended up getting himself into trouble anyway leaing up to Sunday's Super Bowl. The Marshawn Lynch Super Bowl Media Day circus lasted all of 4 minutes 51 seconds, just under the five-minute requirement. In fact, he may still face a fine for his Media Day behavior, but not for reasons he or fans might expect. Lynch's Super Bowl Media Day appearance was one of the most hotly discussed topics outside of the whole "Deflategate" scandal tied to the New … [Read more...]

Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray Headed Home After the Oscars

Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray

Nobody likes a bad boss. But when you can watch someone else endure a bad boss, that's a different story completely. In fact, so many people enjoyed watching the employer-infused train wreck of 2011's Horrible Bosses that the sequel is headed to a HDTV near you soon. Warner Bros. has announced the Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray release date of Feb. 24. The Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray Combo Pack will also include a DVD, a Digital HD Ultraviolet version of the movie and an extended cut of the film featuring footage not seen … [Read more...]