IK Multimedia’s iRig Mic Studio — A Portable Pro-quality Microphone For All Your Needs


June 23, 2015 - IK Multimedia, the leader in mobile music creation technology, is pleased to announce that iRig® Mic Studio is now available and shipping. It’s an ultra-portable large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone — with a 1” diameter capsule — that’s perfect for musicians, vocalists, home producers, podcasters, broadcasters, voice-over artists and anyone else who needs to capture professional quality sound. Designed for plug-and-play seamless operation with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, PC and Android, now … [Read more...]

SteelSeries Introduces Siberia Gaming Headsets to Console Players; Now Exclusively Available on Amazon


LOS ANGELES – E3 – June 17, 2015 –SteelSeries, the leading global manufacturer of gaming peripherals, today introduced six new console gaming headsets. Combining more than a decade of global gaming expertise with tournament-tested insights from eSports professionals, SteelSeries Siberia headsets are designed to deliver a new level of comfort that console gamers have never felt before. For Xbox One gamers, SteelSeries is introducing the Siberia X100, Siberia X300, and Siberia X800, each featuring a SteelSeries Xbox One … [Read more...]

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Graphics Card is coming soon


A Radeon Like No Other The New AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X Graphics Card is coming soon to ORIGIN PC Miami, FL – June 16th, 2015, 2:00 P.M. EST— ORIGIN PC announced today that the New AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X Graphics will be coming soon to their award-winning line of CHRONOS, MILLENNIUM and GENESIS desktops for gamers, artists, enthusiasts and professionals. The new AMD Radeon™ R9 Fury X Graphics will be unlike any other Radeon before it with exciting next-generation features and performance that will dramatically change your … [Read more...]

myCharge’s RazorPlus- The Battery Pack Designed for Thumb-pounding Smartphone Addicts


myCharge makes its external battery pack line for many Android and iPhone models. It has rolled out a portable charger that has a fairly high power capacity at 3000 mAh and delivers enough power to keep your smartphone up all day. How is it done? Well, it is easy. Attach the pack to the phone and plug it in, the battery and the phone charge simultaneously. When the phone runs out of battery, plugging it in to the pack sends its power from flat to full. There you are. If you want to check on the battery power level, … [Read more...]

Urban Armor Gear Scout iPhone 6 Case Review- For Those Who Look For Aggressive Durability in a Sleek Case

urban armor scout

For what I have witnessed, there are two kinds of iPhone owners: those who get the odd ding or scratch and can manage without any protective cases, and those folks who use their iPhones in damp, dirty or rough environments. For those individuals that need to protect their iPhones, there are several sturdy cases, one of which is Urban Armor Gear’s Scout iPhone 6 Case. This sturdy case from Urban Armor Gear features a hard outer shell with an impact resistant core (conforms to military drop-test standards) and … [Read more...]

My Passport X – Built to Satisfy the Storage Needs of Serious Gamers


Several gaming aficionados want to focus more on playing games rather than worry about storing gaming titles. Who doesn't get sick of adding games to a hard disk only to delete them later? The all-new My Passport® X from Western Digital is here to add extra storage to your Xbox One, store gaming titles and save movie and media files that are compatible with the same. If you have been holding off on buying an exclusive gaming storage to maximize your gaming performance, then this is the storage drive you have been … [Read more...]

Thumbs up Boombox Speaker- Portability Gets a New Definition


Gone are the days when speaker wires were all mess. With the latest wireless technology of the Boombox speaker, portability has scaled new heights. With portable, anything is possible. Going to the beach? Having a barbecue? Play music wherever you go, as often as possible. Take this thing around, and play your favourite music tracks from your phone or any other device that has a speaker built into it. Place your device on the speaker. Voila. You have done enough to get amplified sound output. Believe it or not, this … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S – You Can’t Simply Pass Up This One


No wonder why Samsung is among the top three tablet seller globally. The electronics giant is dedicated to making tablets with great style and powerful performance and it shows. More so, the Tab S has taken the game to a completely new level. The latest Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" SM-T700 pushes both the performance and style profiles Samsung tablets are known for, delivering a range of stunning features at a good price point. Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" SM-T700 is arguably one of the coolest looking tablets to come from … [Read more...]

A New, Leather-Wrapped Add-on For Thrustmaster Racing Wheels


New York City, March 16, 2015 — Thrustmaster is adding to its racing product ecosystem with the new TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On: a detachable GT-style wheel wrapped in hand-stitched leather, compatible with all Thrustmaster T-Series racing wheels (the T300 RS, T300 Ferrari GTE, T500 RS, Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500 and TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition). Superior materials for the ultimate in comfort: leather and metal The wheel’s entire circumference – an impressive 11 inches/28 cm in diameter – is … [Read more...]

Apple Watch Price and Release Date News

Apple Tim Cook

At its highly anticipated "Spring Forward" event in San Francisco, Apple announced the Apple Watch price and release date live on stage. And some of the Apple Watch news was more dramatic than others, including the different Apple Watch price points ranging from $349 to $10,000. And you thought the gold iPhone 5 hit the resale market for some crazy amounts. Wait until you see what Apple itself is doing with the Apple Watch pricing. Apple months ago unveiled what was affectionately called the Apple iWatch. At its … [Read more...]