PlayStation Now Streaming PS3 Games Come to Sony TVs Monday

Sony PS3 PlayStation 3

With the PlayStation Now beta just now rolling-out to PS3 and PS4 owners, Sony's also throwing a bone to consumers who haven't paid for one of the company's shiny game consoles. Starting next week (in July), PlayStation Now streaming PS3 games will begin to appear on Sony Bravia TVs. It's interesting for several reasons that Sony's making select Bravia TVs get PlayStation Now streaming PS3 games. Perhaps the most interesting reason is that Sony's not even one year removed from the launch of its PlayStation 4 console. Presumably the company … [Read more...]

Amazon Wearable Technology Store Now Live

Amazon wearable technology store

Wearable technology like Google Glass, Samsung smart watches and the Misfit have captured consumers' inner Dick Tracy and Maxwell Smart. Wherever you look, early adopters are clamoring to check messages on their watch or make calls via their shoe (not really). has taken it upon itself to compiles all these new wearable gadgets in a single Amazon wearable technology store that's just gone live. You can access the Amazon Wearable Tech Store to see for yourself what's there. The list of wearable gadgets is clearly still in … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet Release Date, Specs and Price

Sony Xperia Z2 tablet

"Waterproof" and "tablet" are two words you don't often hear together. That'll change on May 4, when the Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet release date rolls around. Sony announced the release date while detailing the Xperia Z2 specs and pricing information. The info was specific to Sony Stores, but Verizon customers are likely to encounter similar pricing when the system launches for that wireless carrier as well. All indications are that the Xperia Z2 price will be $499.99 across all providers. That's the price currently showing on Sony's own Sony … [Read more...]

Vizio Opts Out of CES, Will Host Smaller Events Instead


Back in the day, the E3 video game trade show got too big for its britches and, as a result, too expensive for publishers. Activision announced it would bow out, EA reportedly felt the same way, and the Entertainment Software Association radically changed the E3 format. The changes lasted a few years, but eventually E3 returned to its mega-party glory at the LA Convention Center, and it doesn't seem to be looking back any time soon. So does hearing that Vizio opts out of CES mean North America's largest consumer-electronics trade show is in … [Read more...]

Velodyne vQuiet Active Noise-Canceling Headphones Review

Velodyne vQuiet active noise-canceling headphones

I’ve flown more than 40,000 miles in 10 months. Needless to say I’ve filled much of that plane time with handheld games, movies and music, and I’ve wanted to maintain my focus on the entertainment at hand rather than the drone of the jets. As our business-traveling readers will attest, that largely requires a set of active noise-canceling headphones. The latest entrant in our headphone review series is coincidentally also one of the latest entrants to the noise-canceling headphones scene: Velodyne. Known predominantly for its top-of-the-line … [Read more...]

First Ouya MMO Game Hits Today: Order & Chaos Online

Looking for Ouya games? If you're a fan of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, the first Ouya MMO, Order & Chaos Online, hits the console today from Gameloft. The Ouya console, which is now back in stock at Amazon, has had plenty of attention as the first mainstream indie and Android-based console, but Ouya games have been hit and miss. Having an MMO -- and from Gameloft, no less -- is likely to pique gamers' interest. Order & Chaos Online recently celebrated its second anniversary online. The already-popular game features … [Read more...]

Apple iWatch Games Coming to a Wrist Near You

Just when you thought rumors about an Apple video game console were intriguing, news surfaces that Apple Inc. has applied for an iWatch trademark in Japan. Normally such wearable technology wouldn't be big news to gamers, per se, but Apple's co-stranglehold on the mobile gaming market (along with Google) means there is likely a batch of Apple iWatch games coming to a wrist near you in the not-too-distant future. Apple's iOS, along with Google's Android operating system, has played a significant role in mobile games taking some of the luster … [Read more...]

Harman Kardon NC Headphones Review

Harman Kardon NC headphones

Harman Kardon is one of the most prestigious names in audio you’ve probably never heard of. The company creates speakers for high-end automobiles and manufactures high-end A/V equipment, so its venture into noise-canceling (NC) headphones will be many mainstream consumers’ first exposure to the brand. What a first impression it is. The Harman Kardon NC Headphones live up to the company’s elite pedigree, with unmatched industrial design and some of the most luxurious creature comforts around. At $299, the Harman Kardon NC headphones aren’t … [Read more...]

Sixense Wireless Motion Controller Coming for Oculus Rift

The explosion of virtual reality (VR) content, thanks in large part to the Oculus Rift, requires a wireless motion controller a la the Xbox Kinect. Traditionally that could pose a problem to game and content developers, but Sixense, the creator of the popular Razer Hydra, has announced it's creating a wireless controller that's fully compatible with Oculus Rift. The Sixense development kit is expected to be the first on the market, and it will focus on the development side of things. With the new wireless controller in hand, developers will … [Read more...]

Ouya Reviews Aren’t Good, Yet It’s Still Selling Out

The Ouya console has been the most talked-about independent gaming platform since its incredible Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Now that the Ouya release date is upon us, though, the chatter has taken a decidedly less-positive tone. Early Ouya reviews are not favorable, even on the end-user side of things. Yet somehow, Amazon and other retailers are selling out of the Android-based console. Interest has been high in Ouya for months now, so its consumer base may have over-hyped itself to a certain degree. Whereas PS4 pre-orders on Amazon … [Read more...]