Apple to Unveil iWatch and iPhone 6 Together

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With a product roadmap touted as its best in 25 years, Apple is expected to finally unveil iWatch details alongside the iPhone 6 during a Sept. 9 media event.

Apple has been rumored for years to be working on an iWatch, though the company has never officially confirmed or denied its existence. In just over a week, reports indicate Apple fans will finally get to see the long-rumored iWatch.

According to the website Re/Code, which has been ahead of the Apple iWatch rumor curve for some time now, Apple plans to blow the doors off iWatch news at its Sept. 9 event. The event was originally thought to be focused on unveiling the iPhone 6.

Re/Code’s sources say the iWatch unveiling will demonstrate how the device will use Apple’s HealthKit health and fitness platform, as well as HomeKit, Apple’s new framework for controlling connected devices.

It’s still unclear whether Apple will unveil iWatch release date and pricing information alongside the wearable device’s technical specifications. It’s been reported that the iWatch price will be “around $400,” which seems a bit steep for a glorified email reader.

That certainly adds fuel to the speculation that the HealthKit and HomeKit functionality will play a big role in the iWatch’s specs. With that said, Apple tried different varieties of iPhone 5, so it’s entirely possible the company will follow suit with this new device.

Presumably that strategy would result in several different iWatch pricing options.

For context, the Samsung Gear 2 Silver smartwatch costs $300, while Google-powered devices are closer to $200. Timex’s upcoming Ironman One GPS+ watch is expected to cost $400, which certainly gives Apple room to justify the rumored iWatch price.

As for the iWatch release date, the device isn’t expected to hit stores until 2015.

Whether Apple finalizes the iWatch price and release date in time for the Sept. 9 press conference will go a long way to determining whether the wearable device or the iPhone 6 gets more attention following the event. After all, the iPhone 6 is expected to make a major debut, followed by a release several weeks later.

The iWatch, by comparison, is viewed more as a “nice to have” bonus for the event, or even this fall/holiday, than the iPhone 6.

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