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NVS Wargame: Ninja vs Samurai 2 is Free for Limited Time


Apr 27, 2013

Modern technology and old-world magic collide in NVS Wargame: Ninja vs Samurai 2, a recently updated version of the turn-based strategy game app. Fresh from SoulGame, the NVS Wargame app is now available free for a limited time in the iTunes App Store. In addition, the company announced that the iPhone version was released today.

“With elaborate challenges and unique ninjas and samurai waiting to enlist in your battle, the updated NVS Wargame: Ninja vs Samurai provides an unparalleled turn-based wargame experience for the iPad,” said Jay Liu, CEO of SoulGame Inc.

New players will be amazed by the addictive level of tension the game provides. The NVS Wargame: Ninja vs Samurai app challenges all ranks of strategy skills and keeps players guessing as each level opens and the story develops from one spine-tingling chapter to the next.

Unlike many turn-based strategy games with static characters, NVS Wargame: Ninja vs Samurai allows players to manipulate more than 30 continually evolving ninja and samurai units. Each dynamic unit, with names such as Harp Ninja, Blade Samurai and Crazy Dog Ninja, possesses special abilities and strengths that can be harnessed based on the battle situation and terrain.

In preparation for different battles, players can recruit units with appropriate strengths and outfit them with helpful equipment systems. With units fully prepared, players devise strategies around them to gain enhanced abilities, unlock superior units and ultimately create an unstoppable army. To enhance units and further strategy, players can make in-app purchases of gems and coins with little cost.

Players can test their skills as they explore more than 30 elaborate maps with terrain as varied as mountain, valley, snowfield and sky. Each of the 30 storyline missions and the 40 exploration missions offers enhanced secret quests and demanding tasks. With the completion of each task, the army nears engagement with a challenging boss who can seal the fate of an individual ninja and samurai.

Specific to the updated version, NVS Wargame: Ninja vs Samurai now offers faster trigger, enhanced totem and collapsible plot boxes to heighten the excitement of battle. Players can make full use of these features when they enter online PvP battles with friends. Plus, with enhanced access to Game Center, players will find that they are immediately logged in and can quickly test their skills against thousands around the world.

Device requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 46.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
NVS Wargame – Ninja vs Samurai 2.0 is currently available for sale worldwide through the App Store in the Games category for free as a special limited-time discount.

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