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Radia for iOS – By Shock Games


Jun 14, 2012

West Bloomfield, Michigan – Shock Games Studios is excited to announce that its latest title, Radia 1.0.1, is now available for distribution through the iOS App Store. Radia is a new, tilt-based game featuring a Level Mode with 50 unique, challenging levels, two Arcade Modes, Endless and Timed, and Leaderboards to track local and global high scores.

In the first mode, Level Mode, players move through increasingly difficult levels and worlds with their Radiite in an attempt to collect additional Radia that appear on the screen. At each level, a series of Saws appear in an attempt to deter players from completing the level. As players reach more challenging levels of the game, they are aided with the help of Power-Ups like Invincible, Slow, Annihilate, and Destroy. These unlocked Power-Ups then remain unlocked for all other game modes. The goal is to maneuver through complex levels and collect as many Radia as possible while avoiding Saws. A level ends once a player collects all of the Radia, hits a Saw, or time expires.

In Endless Mode, a player navigates their Radiite through an onslaught of Saws in an attempt to collect Radia. Initially, the player’s score starts at zero. With each Radia collected, a player’s score increases. A player who collects multiple Radia earns a Multiplier that increases the point value of all Radia collected. If a player misses a Radia, however, the Multiplier resets back to one. In Endless Mode, the unlocked Power-Ups occasionally spawn to help the player survive longer and achieve a higher score. Once a player hits a Saw, the level ends and the score is recorded.

In Timed Mode, a player selects one of four difficulty settings: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Extreme. In lower difficulty settings, the Saws multiply less frequently and move more slowly. In higher difficulty settings, however, the Saws multiply frequently and move rapidly. As a player continues to play longer and time increases, the Saws attack more quickly. The goal is to survive as long as possible while evading the Saws. As in Endless Mode, a player is granted the benefit of occasional Power-Ups unlocked in Level Mode; and, once a player hits a Saw, the level is over and the time is recorded.

“The feedback I got from my earlier game Fireballin’ Lite was very good. It was always followed by a suggestion as to how I could improve the gaming experience.” mentioned Brian Clark, CEO of Shock Games Studios. “With Radia, I implemented those suggestions and had fun doing what I love.”

Radia is priced at a mere $0.99. We are also happy to mention that Radia Lite, a version of the game packed with 5 challenging levels, is completely free. “I think Radia is an incredible game and more than worth the dollar it costs. I am also releasing Radia Lite because I am confident that people will fall in love with the Lite version of the game as well … just before purchasing the full-version, that is.” continued Brian Clark.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* 24.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
At launch, Radia will cost $0.99 and be available worldwide exclusively through the App Store under the Games Category on June 7th, 2012. Radia Lite is free and will also be available through the App Store on June 7th, 2012. Review copies can be made available upon request.

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