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Condemned 2 Ships for Xbox 360, PS3 Coming Soon


Mar 11, 2008

Condemned 2: Bloodshot shipped today for Xbox 360, with SEGA indicating that the PlayStation 3 version will ship on March 18.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot is the next chapter in the survival-horror-FPS series that was one of the Xbox 360’s most under-rated launch titles. You can read DailyGame’s Condemned: Criminal Origins review right here.

Like the original, Condemned 2 is a first-person action thriller that returns players to a game world of unimaginable psychological terror. (Editor’s Note: Seriously, I had to sit down with an Xbox Live Arcade game some nights to calm my nerves after a few levels and before going to bed.)

Condemned 2: Bloodshot follows Ethan Thomas — and his inner demons — in a string of gruesome murders in which players must use their deductive skills and brute force to track down sadistic serial killers. The game features all-new fighting mechanics and high-tech forensics tools, giving players the resources they need to unravel the mysteries and cope with every disturbing event.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot also introduces a variety of online multiplayer modes, delivering what SEGA says is “the most brutal hand-to-hand combat experience the first-person genre has ever seen.”

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