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Microsoft Has Sold 2.5 Million Kinects, Saw a Black Friday Rush


Nov 29, 2010

Microsoft has announced that the Kinect hardware has sold more than 2.5 million units since its launch less than a month ago, with strong Black Friday sales contributing in part to the huge sell-through. Looks like Kudo Tsunoda wasn’t all that far off from his prediction of 4 million units. And so much for motion controls being a thing for the Nintendo Wii alone.

According to a Microsoft statement, strong demand (and bundles) during the Black Friday sales weekend shot Kinect sales through the roof. The demand for Kinect hardware could also help explain why Amazon has just taken 20% off all 16 Kinect games in its inventory (see the deals here).

Industry pundits have predicted that sales of motion-based game hardware will rise during the holiday season, for the Kinect, the Wii and the PlayStation Move.

On Monday, Microsoft said sales were “on pace” to reach the company’s goal of selling five million units by the end of the year.

That sound you just heard was a squeal of glee coming from Tsunoda himself.

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