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Watch Titans vs Rams Online Free Live Streaming NFL Week 9


Nov 3, 2013
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In what will surely be one of the most competitive games of Week 9, the Tennessee Titans travel to the Edward Jones Dome today to take on the St. Louis Rams. Experts are split down the middle about which team will win, with the only downer being that victory for the Titans would push them up to a 4-4 record, while a Rams win still wouldn’t push them past a losing 4-5 record. Presuming you’re unable to see the game on CBS, or if you’d rather save your big screen for teams with better records, you can watch Titans vs Rams online free live streaming using one of several different methods.

The St. Louis Rams were already playing poorly before starting QB Sam Bradford went down with a torn ACL and was lost for the season. With Kellen Clemens tapped as the new starting quarterback, hope appears to be lost for St. Louis, although to be fair, Bradford was likely going to meet the bench whether he’d gone out with an injury or not. The Rams simply weren’t competitive in three of their losses, even though the roster seems to have good talent.

The Titans aren’t sitting pretty either, having lost three straight games, but those three losses have been to solid teams. Tennessee will also have the benefit this week of a healthier and more-rested Jake Locker at quarterback, who’s continuing to find his sea legs after missing two games with hip and knee injuries. Against the 49ers, Locker looked like a guy who’d not played for a while, tossing 326 yards and two touchdowns in a loss where he didn’t really start connecting until the second half.

With the rust now gone, Locker hopes to make more of a positive impact in St. Louis. But watch Titans vs Rams online free live streaming and you’ll see another key offensive player trying to re-discover his mojo. Running back Chris Johnson was averaging 85.3 rushing yards in his first three games, but during the past four games has managed just 27.5 yards per game. That’s sad for most any starting running back, but particularly one who once held the label of 2,000-yard rusher.

Yet if “ifs” and “buts” were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas, and we have no idea what the crystal ball holds for these players. Going into today’s 1pm EST / 10am PST game on CBS, what we know is that the Tennessee Titans and St. Louis Rams are incredibly well matched. The Titans have the league’s 28th-ranked offense, while the Rams have the 30th. The Titans have the 25th-ranked passing game; the Rams have the 20th. The Titans have pulled off the 19th spot for rushing compared to the Rams’ 24th spot, and the Titans’ 13th-rated defense matches up well against the Rams’ 17th.

To see these seemingly equal teams duke it out today, you can watch Titans vs Rams online free live streaming on DirecTV’s website. It requires that you have the NFL Sunday Ticket Package, which requires a subscription, but anyone who has one can watch every NFL game live streaming online for free.

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