PS Store Flash Sale, 99-Cent PS3 Game Sale, Ends Monday

Sony PS3 PlayStation 3

Looking for a huge PS3 game sale? Sony's got one for the ages this weekend, but you'll have to act fast. The new PS Store Flash Sale going on now appears is just live for Easter weekend. When does the PS Store Flash Sale end? At 7am PST on Monday -- which for most people effectively stops it tomorrow night (Easter Sunday). The PS Store Flash Sale gives PS3 owners some serious discounts, with many $20 games available for just $0.99. In fact, the PS3 game sale has 34 games total for just under a dollar. Not all of those games are $20 gems, but … [Read more...]

Smiley Lines Aims to Rekindle Your Passion for Classic Board Games

A new game called Smiley Lines is available today on App Store for both iPhone and iPad that attempts to rekindle your love of classic board games? Smiley Lines is an arcade board game that gives a contemporary feel to the classic lines board game. The goal? Simply align 4 smileys of the same color. It sounds simple, but it can be challenging when the unexpected happens, like annoying rocks dropping. Version 3.0.21 is now available on the App Store with additional features and support iOS Game Center leaderboard. Feature Highlights: * … [Read more...]

Lift the Cows in the Sky with Lift me Up! on iOS

Appkey, a leading mobile application and game developer, today has announced the launch of Lift Me up! for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. A cute new family friendly iOS game, Lift Me up! is a brand new game play that challenges players to help two cows meet each other in the air, lifting up and trying to reach the balance between the clouds using balloons. Lift Me up! features 3 exciting unlockable episodes as well as many uniquely challenging levels. The goal of the app is simple. Keep the balance enough to carry both cows on the … [Read more...]

Kinect Sports Rivals Review

Kinect Sports Rivals

One of the biggest selling points of the Xbox One, at least to hear Microsoft tell the story, is the console's inclusion of the Kinect 2.0 hardware. Unlike the PS4, which has an optional (e.g. "added cost" camera), the Kinect 2.0 sensor comes bundled with every Xbox One. Voice commands seemed the peripheral's primary function at launch, as only Ubisoft's Fighter Within really leveraged the Kinect's gesture-recognition at launch (and failed -- read our review). Going into this Kinect Sports Rivals review, I knew the first-party game basically … [Read more...]

Charming Puzzler ‘Knight Saves Queen’ Hits the App Store

Indie developer Dobsoft Studios has released on the App Store Knight Saves Queen, the latest game in its growing portfolio. Knight Saves Queen borrows elements of chess to create a brand new, challenging puzzle game. Combined with charming visuals, an orchestral soundtrack and 100 levels to conquer at release (with more to come), the free-to-download app presents a compelling package for puzzle fans with an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. Players of Knight Saves Queen assume the role of the heroic Knight from chess and battle enemies across 100 … [Read more...]

Melesta Games Launches Toy Defense – World War I for Mac

Melesta Games has launched the Mac version of its popular WWI tower-defense game Toy Defense. It's called, creatively enough, Toy Defense - World War I. Players can now enjoy the historically-inspired gameplay, advanced strategies and tactics, and ultra-realistic sounds and visual effects on their Mac devices. Toy Defense - World War I for Mac is now available for download from the Mac App Store. More than 15 million fans all over the world are playing the Toy Defense franchise! Set in World War I, Toy Defense - World War I combines elements … [Read more...]

Missile Commander 1.2 Released for iOS – Defend Against Enemy ICBMs

Welcome To Mars! Missile Commander 1.2 is available now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Missile Commander is a difficult, and addictive game where you protect 6 cities from imminent nuclear destruction. In this update, a whole new world has been added - Mars. Having escaped your Earth bound enemies you settled on the red planet to begin teraforming. However, the imperialist government of your enemy is now looking to take your colonies for itself. Improvements include: * Several bug fixes * Improved graphics, especially for devices with … [Read more...]

Introducing Ainigma, the Logic Puzzle that Limits Players’ Movements

Puzzles and logic games are blowing up the app world, whether it's a numbers brainteaser, or games with symbols and images. But designers at Pio Games have distinguished themselves with the introduction of their latest mobile app game, Ainigma. With 100 levels of challenging puzzles, users won't be putting Ainigma down any time soon. Ainigma presents users with a visual puzzle and a challenge to put the figure back together. The pieces of the puzzle can be moved vertically or horizontally, but there's a catch: users are given a set amount of … [Read more...]

Rio Festa Released for iOS – Only Cubes are Invited to the Party

Zyng LLC today released Rio Festa for iOS, a colorful app that lets users play with the game characters in and out of the device. Starting with our app Frozen Snowman we offered players the ability to interact with the game's character once they won the game. They were able to make videos dancing with the character anywhere in the world. In the new Rio Festa app, the characters are provided in the form of cubes so users can create their own gameplay outside the device. The Rio Festa gates are open for the biggest party of the year. But … [Read more...]

Introducing Meqanic, a New Kind of Puzzle Game for iOS

A new king of iOS puzzle game has released today, as Meqanic is now available on the App Store. Meqanic is a revolutionary new puzzle game that's pretty cerebral and inspired by physics. Meqanic is all about placing blocks in the right order to make a match. Each block has intricate rules, which depend on what other blocks are nearby. To master each level, you will need to build intuition as you go. Beating the entire collection of levels will be almost impossible. Meqanic redefines puzzle game play: Five years in the making and designed … [Read more...]