Free Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet Giveaway

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

Amazon hasn't been known to make a profit, but the e-tailer's move into hardware may finally be showing signs of making it a legitimate player in the space. The original Kindle was a nifty tool, but all it did was act as a vehicle to sell you e-books on Amazon. The Kindle Fire tablets improved things, but it wasn't until the new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 that Amazon really seemed to earn its place with "the big guys." Don't believe it? You can see for yourself if you win this free Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 that we're giving away in … [Read more...]

Enter to Win: Free $200 Best Buy Gift Card

Walmart retail environment

While Target and Walmart are popular one-stop-shop destinations, nothing beats the geeky-good feeling of walking into your local Best Buy and perusing the latest technology and movies. Except maybe walking into said store with a $200 credit. That's essentially what we're offering in this new contest, as we're giving away a free $200 Best Buy gift card to one lucky reader. It may not be the holiday rush, but there are still some good sales to be had at Best Buy that could be even better with $200 extra at your … [Read more...]

Win Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One – Three to Give Away

GTA V PS4 Xbox One Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 3 may have single-handedly moved millions of PlayStation consoles back in the day. Unfortunately for Microsoft, not a one of them was an Xbox. At least not at launch. With the Xbox One price drop now seemingly permanent, and with GTA 5 now on Microsoft's console, the Redmond company can finally benefit as much as their top console competition. You can potentially benefit too, if you happen to win Grand Theft Auto 5 for Xbox One in this new contest. After all, we're giving away three, which improves your … [Read more...]

Free PS4 Game Giveaway: Win GTA 5 for PlayStation 4

GTA V Screenshot: The Fast Life 7

Contrary to popular opinion, the Grand Theft Auto series hasn't always been a massive hit. It wasn't until GTA 3 that the franchise began blowing people away with its open-world mayhem. So here we are, with the next-gen consoles in more than 20 million homes, and the fifth entry in the series continues to wow gamers worldwide. Still, it's clear that many people still don't own the game, so we thought our readers might like to win GTA 5 for PlayStation 4. Here's your chance. And it's free. GTA 5 for PS4 has taken all … [Read more...]

Free Giveaway: Win Disney Infinity 2.0 PS4 Starter Kit

Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Mode Marvel

As you likely gathered from our Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray set giveaway, Disney hit the Marvel franchises hard in 2014 and will be doing so for the foreseeable future. For instance, the Disney Infinity 2.0 PS4 Starter Kit, and its kin on all other game systems too, features a few Marvel-inspired toys to get your collection started. Well we like all things Marvel here at DailyGame, too, so we're hopping on the superhero bandwagon to give away a free Disney Infinity 2.0 PS4 Starter Kit to one lucky winner. Sony's … [Read more...]

Win One of Three Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray Sets

Disney Infinity Yondu Guardians of the Galaxy

Say what you will about Frozen, but Guardians of the Galaxy made for an incredible book-end to 2014 for Disney. Yes, Guardians of the Galaxy was a Marvel film, but Disney owns the comic-book creators now and has went all-out to make sure what could've been a niche film got as many people to see it as possible. But we know some of you haven't, at least not at home. That's why we're giving away three free Guardians of the Galaxy Blu-ray sets in this new contest. Guardians of the Galaxy comes from the same studio behind … [Read more...]

Enter to Win: Free Westinghouse 42-Inch 1080p HDTV

OnLive on Phillips TVs

So you got a new PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for the holidays, but you're really not looking forward to playing games on that hefty 32-inch CRT set from 2004. Or maybe you've got an HDTV, but it's a small guy from several years back. Wouldn't it be nice to play games or watch Blu-ray movies on a larger full-1080p HDTV? How about a Westinghouse 42-inch 1080p HDTV? We're giving one away in this new contest, and this Westinghouse HDTV is nothing to sneeze at; it retails for $699. While all the talk lately is about "4K" or … [Read more...]

Win a $100 Target Gift Card: New Free Contest

Walmart retail environment

You know what the second half of the holiday break brings? A bunch more shopping! For all the Black Friday sales and pre-Christmas specials, the post-holiday shopping season brings just as many good deals, not to mention ways to spend those new gift cards you got. We'd like to contribute to that adventure by giving you a chance to win a free $100 Target gift card. We've found our Walmart gift card giveaway to be popular, so it seemed like a Target gift card would be equally welcome. Don't ever accuse us of not … [Read more...]

Free Walmart $100 Gift Card: Win One Again

Walmart retail environment

Before the holidays we offered our readers a chance to win a free $100 Walmart gift card, which proved to be one of our more popular contests. While your holiday shopping may be a thing of the past now, there's always a need for a free Walmart $100 gift card, so we're launching another new contest with that same end prize. Maybe your style is the latest video games. Walmart has those covered in a big way, as the retailer launched in fall 2014 a used-game program and some other great PS4 and Xbox One promotions. Maybe … [Read more...]

Free Game Giveaway: Skylanders Trap Team Xbox One Starter Pack Contest

Skylanders Trap Team Villain Hood Sickle

Few family games this year have captured kids' attention like Skylanders Trap Team. Though the game isn't without its hiccups (read our Skylanders Trap Team review), kids have flocked to Trap Team like bees to honey. As a result, we parents have been left to find cheap Skylanders toys on Amazon in hopes of saving some money. We thought we'd alleviate some of that pain by hosting a free Skylanders Trap Team Xbox One Starter Pack contest. The Skylanders Trap Team Xbox One Starter Pack includes the new Traptanium Portal … [Read more...]