Win a Rugged Case for your iPhone6 – The Scout by Urban Armor Gear

scout folio

Are you up for another round of contest? Here at Daily Game, we're never going to be short on items that will be given away. This time around, we have a cool accessory to give away: the rugged iPhone 6 cover by Urban Armor Gear, nicknamed the Scout. It's an awesome, bang-for-the-buck cover for the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 but if you want to get it absolutely free, then it's time to join our contest! The Scout retails around $35 USD and although that could be a hefty price tag for some, we have to take a look at all the … [Read more...]

Win the Latest New Macbook Gold!


Fasten your seat belts and get ready for another ride. This week’s contest gives you the opportunity to take home a brand spanking new Macbook Gold. Yeah, you read it right! Macbook Gold is a bold and beautiful machine from Apple. Featuring a lot of design changes from the other Macbook variants to have hit the market, this thin little machine has under its hood a powerful machine with wonderful configuration. It is as sleek as you would imagine yet it is not short of a workhorse-like performance if you are … [Read more...]

Get Your Hands on a Brand New Kindle Voyage

Amazon Kindle Voyage

We love to play with gizmos and gadgets, and like giving them away to our loyal reader-base. You guessed it right; we’re offering one of the cool eBook readers that everyone wants these days. We’re giving away a Kindle Voyage to a lucky winner this time. Amazon has grown from strength to strength with a series of powerful e-readers that allow you to do more than read eBooks. It does not matter whether you are new to e-reader or an e-reader buff, you really cannot go wrong with Kindle devices. With an outstanding … [Read more...]

Contest- Win a Playstation 4 Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition


Contest Extended till June 30 Due to Popular Demand! We’re back with another contest to keep you excited. Each week we offer you an opportunity to win a cool gadget. So, what’s cooking this week? It’s a lovely Playstation 4 Console- Batman Arkham Knight Limited Edition. This Limited Edition Batman is the perfect gaming companion if you are a Batman buff. Known for its artwork and the Batman silhouette, the PS4 system features a steel gray chassis and includes a powerful DualShock 4 wireless controller as well … [Read more...]

Free Apple Watch Up for Grabs, Enter Contest to Win

apple watch

Contest Extended till June 30 Due to Popular Demand! We have a few contests going right now that you will absolutely love. A brand new Apple Watch, one of the most talked about and anticipated wear tech this year, is up for grabs. The Apple Watch is more than an ordinary timepiece. It is a compact, feature-packed gadget with hundreds of apps, solid fitness software and the ability to connect to an iPhone to send and receive calls. As a seamless extension of your iPhone, this sleek watch is both promising and … [Read more...]

Congratulations to DailyGame’s Latest Contest Winners


The hour hand on the clock may have just sprung forward, but five recent contest winners are having a great time looking backward. Reason: they've just won a nice freebie in one of our recently concluded free giveaways. But don't worry; if you didn't win one of our latest free contests, several are still running, and we have more on the way. DailyGame was hosting two separate contests for Grand Theft Auto 5. On the Xbox One front, we were giving away one free copy of the game. The lucky winner of that GTA 5 giveaway … [Read more...]

Contest Extended! Win an iPhone 6 Plus Free: New Daily Entry Contest


We, like our readers, like technology. We also like casual and mobile games. Which is why the iPhone 6 Plus is so ideal for meeting both needs. With its massive screen and incredible selection of games, not to mention all the other bells and whistles we're used to getting on an iPhone, the iPhone 6 is a great device to have in your pocket regardless of the occasion. Even better: having it in your pocket because you won that iPhone 6 Plus free in this new daily-entry contest. iPhone 6 Plus isn't simply bigger; it’s … [Read more...]

Dying Light for Xbox One Free Game Giveaway

Dying Light for Xbox One and PS4 (PlayStation 4)

Zombies have been big on the gaming scene since Left 4 Dead wowed console owners many years back. The undead have since invaded mainstream television and seen somewhat of a resurgence on the big screen as well. So it only makes sense that a new game franchise would leverage zombies, which Warner Bros' new Dying Light game does. The open world game is great, and we wanted to celebrate it by giving away a code for Dying Light for Xbox One free in this new game giveaway. Dying Light is a first person, action survival … [Read more...]

Enter to Win Project Spark for Free on Xbox One or PC

Project Spark

The video game world is teeming with titles that let players create their own content. From cars to characters to entire levels, user-generated content has swept the landscape in recent years, and it was really kickstarted by Sony's LittleBigPlanet. When Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One, it knew it needed a "LBP killer," so it unveiled Project Spark. Knowing that many gamers own at least one console and a computer, we thought our readers might like the chance to win Project Spark for free on either the Xbox One or … [Read more...]

Free Game Giveaway: Win I, Zombie for Windows PC

Enter to Win

If you needed more evidence that zombies are making a comeback -- aside from Dying Light and the giveaway we have for that Xbox One game -- there's a new Windows game called I, Zombie that uses undead minions in ways that have never before been possible in a game. We thought you might want to check it out, which is why this new game giveaway will let you win I, Zombie for Windows PC for free. I, Zombie is quite a different zombie game. In this title, gamers play the role of the zombie -- in and of itself a novel … [Read more...]