Fast and Furious 7 Review – This time it’s faster and more furious!


They say cornering perfectly is like bringing a woman to climax and 'Fast and Furious 7' manages to do more than that along with upping the ante for outrageously brilliant action and stunt work. Diesel, Walker, Johnson and the rest of the crew reprise their roles in this one along with new addition to the cast like Jason Statham who reminded me of his role from the Transporter series and Death Race; yester year action veteran Kurt Russell whom I thoroughly enjoyed watching holding a gun in his hand and taking out the … [Read more...]

Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray Headed Home After the Oscars

Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray

Nobody likes a bad boss. But when you can watch someone else endure a bad boss, that's a different story completely. In fact, so many people enjoyed watching the employer-infused train wreck of 2011's Horrible Bosses that the sequel is headed to a HDTV near you soon. Warner Bros. has announced the Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray release date of Feb. 24. The Horrible Bosses 2 Blu-ray Combo Pack will also include a DVD, a Digital HD Ultraviolet version of the movie and an extended cut of the film featuring footage not seen … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones Season 4 Blu-ray Bonus Features Are Nuts

Game of Thrones Blu-ray

HBO's Game of Thrones series is known for going a bit over the top, so it's no surprise to see the Game of Thrones Season 4 Blu-ray bonus features turn out as insanely huge as it is. The Game of Thrones Season 4 Blu-ray release date is just a couple of weeks away (Feb. 17), and judging by the lineup of bonus features, it may take another two weeks for Game of Thrones fans to wade through them all. Season 4 of the hit HBO series broke ratings records and was nominated for 19 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama … [Read more...]

Disney’s Big Hero 6 Blu-ray Flying into Stores in Late February

Big Hero 6 Blu-ray

Disney knows its Big Hero 6 was a great film, so it's no surprise that the animation studio will release the Big Hero 6 Blu-ray Combo Pack just two days after the 2015 Academy Awards. The company clearly has some high expectations for the film's Oscars prognosis, as its sales will go through the roof if the movie wins the Best Animated Film award. And just for good measure, Amazon is running some great Big Hero 6 Blu-ray sale if you get your pre-order in soon. And by "big," we mean "it's around $19 instead of $39. In … [Read more...]

Keanu Reeves’ John Wick Blu-ray Release Date is Feb. 3

John Wick Blu-ray

Keaunu Reeves has come a long way since his Bill & Ted and Point Blank days, but the "woah" jokes never get old. So excuse the irony in saying "woah" to the John Wick Blu-ray release date, which Summit Entertainment announced is a lot sooner that we expected. The John Wick Blu-ray Disc set will ship to retail on February 3, just 20 days after debuting in Digital HD. In John Wick, Reeves plays an ex-assassin who's become a hitman for hire. When a group of young thugs attack him for no reason, it's time for the … [Read more...]

Dragonheart 3 The Sorcerer’s Curse Blu-ray to Release Feb. 24

Universal Home Entertainment

Universal has announced the latest movie in the Dragonheart franchise will fly into retail in just over one month. The Dragonheart 3 The Sorcerer’s Curse Blu-ray release date is now official: February 24. The film will release on Digital HD two weeks earlier, on Feb. 10. Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer’s Curse will once again feature the voice of Ben Kingsley as Drago the Dragon. In the movie, aspiring knight Gareth goes in search of a fallen comet rumored to contain gold and is shocked to instead find the dragon Drago. … [Read more...]

Star Wars Episode 7 Character Names Revealed via Trading Cards

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams went old-school to reveal some of the Star Wars Episode 7 character names this week. Fans of the original 1977 Star Wars movie, Episode 4: A New Hope, will remember a series of Topps trading cards that hit stores to drum-up excitement for the film. Abrams took the same tack this week with Entertainment Weekly. Revealing the Star Wars Episode 7 character names to EW this week shed light on only five characters. The remaining three trading cards highlighted the X-Wing … [Read more...]

Watch the New Star Wars Movie Trailer Online, Including Movie Clips

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens

The new Star Wars movie trailer hit theaters Friday, giving would-be fans of Episode 7 a glimpse of 88 seconds of actual movie clips. The new Episode 7 trailer was only shown in select theaters in the United States and Canada, making it a truly "black Friday" for anyone not in those cities. Fortunately, Disney and LucasFilm also uploaded the official teaser trailer to YouTube and the Star Wars website too, so fans worldwide can watch the new Star Wars movie trailer online as well. And yes, you will absolutely want … [Read more...]

New Star Wars Trailer on Friday: Where to Watch It in Theaters

Star Wars Episode 7 The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens in Star Wars Episode 7 on December 18, 2015. Apparently 88 seconds of official movie footage from the new Star Wars will awaken this Friday. Disney and LucasFilm today announced a new Star Wars trailer will hit a select number of theaters the day after Thanksgiving. The new Star Wars trailer will show 88 seconds of pure, unadulterated, Star Wars Episode 7 - The Force Awakens footage. For fans of the new Star Wars movie being directed by JJ Abrams, that's 88 seconds of bliss. For less-hardcore … [Read more...]

Watch the Jurassic World Trailer, Official Video Leaked Two Days Early

Jurassic World

Originally movie fans thought they'd watch the Jurassic World trailer debut on or around Thanksgiving. Turns out Universal had other plans. The movie studio today "leaked" its own Jurassic World trailer two days early, giving fans worldwide a chance to watch the Jurassic World trailer online right now. It's surprising to see just how many clips Universal shared of the next Jurassic Park movie in this new trailer. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting much more than a little teaser with some stomp-induced concentric … [Read more...]