Draft Day Blu-ray Release Date: Just Before NFL Kickoff


Kevin Costner's never one to shy away from sports movies, and Lionsgate's never one to miss a marketing opportunity. His latest film, Draft Day, lives up to both trends, as the studio has announced the Draft Day Blu-ray release date as Sept. 2. Not coincidentally, the 2014 NFL kickoff to the season is just two days later, on Sept. 4. Before the Draft Day Blu-ray release date ever hits, Lionsgate will release the game on Digital HD well before the 2014 NFL kickoff, on August 19, and on Video On Demand and Pay-Per-View on August 29. The … [Read more...]

Watch Heat vs Spurs Online Live NBA Finals Game 3

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The Miami Heat stole a game in the AT&T Center on Sunday, evening their NBA Finals series against the San Antonio Spurs at one game apiece. LeBron James predictably had a big Game 2, but San Antonio's loss was more a function of their own mental collapse than it was physical domination by the Heat. As the 2014 NBA Finals head to Miami for the first time, all eyes will be on how the various teams respond. Tipoff is set for 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST on ABC, or you can watch Heat vs Spurs online live NBA Finals game 3 using the links … [Read more...]

Watch Heat vs Spurs Online Free NBA Finals Game 2

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You'll have to forgive me for having a little "writer's cramp" when figuring out how to preview tonight's Heat - Spurs Game 2 of the NBA Finals. Or maybe you won't, because nobody forgave LeBron James for the extreme leg cramps that forced him to be carried off the floor in Game 1. LeBron watched from the bench as the Heat lost to the Spurs in San Antonio, but if the air conditioning holds up tonight, he hopes to be "watching" his team even the series while he joins them on the court. If you want to "watch," you can watch Heat vs Spurs online … [Read more...]

Watch Heat vs Pacers Game 6 Online Free on ESPN


Facing another close-out game against the Miami Heat, can the Indiana Pacers rely on Paul George to match his Game 5 heroics? Will Roy Hibbert show his Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde side on offense and defense? Will Lance Stephenson "blow" another opportunity to show he's more than another talented headcase? Or, will LeBron James take the fate of Game 6 into his own hands rather than kick it out to Chris Bosh for a three? And will Dwayne Wade and the rest of the Heat will their win to a fourth straight NBA Finals? You can find out if you watch Heat vs … [Read more...]

Watch Heat vs Pacers Game 4 Online Free on ESPN

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Lance Stephenson planted the seeds for tonight's Heat - Pacers Game 4 several years ago. After giving LeBron James a choke sign in the playoffs several seasons ago, Stephenson was famously ignored by King James. He certainly isn't being ignored in the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, though, with his pre-Game 4 trash talk getting most of the coverage. Trash talk aside, tonight's Heat - Pacers game promises to be entertaining. You can watch Heat vs Pacers Game 4 online free using the links below. The Miami Heat lead the series 2-1 going into … [Read more...]

Watch Warriors Clippers Live Game 7 Free Online NBA on TNT

NBA Clippers Warriors

The LA Clippers head into tonight's Game 7 against the Golden State Warriors looking to close out several things. Top on the list is winning their first-round playoff series and sending the Warriors home empty handed. Right below that is a desire to leave behind all the drama of owner Donald Sterling, whose allegedly racist comments surfaced during the Warriors - Clippers series. Playing at the Staples Center, the Clippers are sure to be riding on emotions tonight. If you can't catch tonight's Warriors - Clippers game on TNT, you should try to … [Read more...]

Watch Grizzlies Thunder Game 7 Online Free Live NBA on TNT

NBA Oklahoma City Thunder

With the OKC Thunder on the brink of elimination on Thursday, Kevin Durant took Game 6 into his own hands. The Memphis Grizzlies had made Durant ineffective and inconsistent, leaving the soon-to-be NBA MVP labeled as "Mr. Unreliable." Almost on cue, Durant became the Incredible Hulk, quietly mumbling "don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry." Durant went off, silencing the critics for at least one game and forcing tonight's decisive Game 7. If you can't catch tonight's Thunder game on TNT to see what KD does next, you can watch … [Read more...]

Watch Pacers Hawks Game 7 Live Online Free NBA on TNT

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The Indiana Pacers' implosion during the second half of the season didn't affect their No. 1 seeding in the NBA Eastern Conference, but it sure seems to be lingering in the first round of the playoffs. Matched up against the No. 8 Atlanta Hawks, the Pacers were expected to struggle more with their own demons than they were with a Hawks team playing without Al Horford. Yet here they are, facing a decisive Game 7 in a game worth watching live. If you can't catch it on TNT, you can watch Pacers Hawks Game 7 live online free using the links … [Read more...]

Watch Warriors vs Clippers Game 5 Live Online Free on TNT

NBA Clippers Warriors

Tonight's Clippers game marks the first time LA's "other" basketball team takes to their homecourt without owner Donald Sterling in attendance. Sterling today received a lifetime ban and a $2.5 million fine by new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver for alleged racist remarks released over the weekend. The subplots in tonight's Clippers game are too numerous to mention. But let's not forget it's a live basketball game too -- an important one -- against the Golden State Warriors. If you're not near a TV to see how LA's fans respond, you can watch … [Read more...]

Watch Wizards vs Bulls Game 5 Live Online NBA on TNT

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The Miami Heat swept the Bobcats last night to become the first NBA playoff team to advance to the second round. Before the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards tipped-off their first-round series, nobody would've guessed the Wizards would be on the verge of being the second team to move on. But here they are, facing Game 5 tonight in Chicago with a 3-1 series lead and the chance to show their regular season advantage over the Bulls wasn't a fluke. You can watch Wizards vs Bulls Game 5 live online streaming using the links below. The Wizards … [Read more...]