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Apple Q3 iPad Sales Show Game Consoles are Still Fringe

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

PS4 vs. Xbox One

Have you ever felt like you're yelling into the wind? You have if you've been involved in any "flame war" related to PS4 vs Xbox One sales or the consoles' technical specs. The yelling is always overblown, and the disagreement is universally pointless. And never has that pointlessness been so evident than in investors' sentiment over Apple Q3 iPad sales. The Cupertino company reported Apple Q3 iPad sales in the 12 million unit range, while consumers bought approximately 39 million iPhones. Those totals led to … [Read more...]

Assassin’s Creed Producer Leaves Ubisoft

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Assassins Creed Unity

One of Ubisoft's most public faces, Jade Raymond, has left the company after 10 years. According to a statement from Ubisoft, Raymond and Ubisoft have "agreed to pursue future opportunities separately." Raymond's departure from Ubisoft comes at an interesting but logical time, as Assassin's Creed Unity is wrapping up production and will ship soon for PS4 and Xbox One. Such departures aren't new to the industry, so hearing that the Assassin's Creed producer leaves Ubisoft doesn't mean the franchise is or will be in … [Read more...]

Watch Super Smash Bros. Wii U Live Stream on Thursday

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Super Smash Bros.

With 700,000+ gamers having purchased Super Smash Bros. for 3DS -- and thousands having already entered our free Super Smash Bros. 3DS giveaway -- it's safe to say Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is on Nintendo fans' radar. For those fans, Nintendo itself is hosting a free Super Smash Bros. Wii U live stream this Thursday to show the game in action. The Super Smash Bros. Wii U live stream is part of the company's next Nintendo Direct session. These Nintendo Direct presentations are essentially a "state of the state" for … [Read more...]

Falling Skies The Game Drops into Retail for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

PlayStation 3 PS3

The video game based on the popular TNT sci-fi drama Falling Skies is now available at retail for Xbox 360 and PS3, with a digital version available for download on Wii U. Falling Skies The Game is a turn-based, tactical role-playing game set between the TV show's third and fourth seasons. So, while the TV show is action oriented, be aware that Falling Skies The Game is more slowly paced. Considering its timing in the show's narrative, Falling Skies The Game picks up after the destruction of the Espheni's Boston … [Read more...]

The List of Villains You Can Trap in Skylanders Trap Team

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Skylanders Trap Team Chef Pepperjack

In some extended hands-on time with Skylanders Trap Team last week we played the new Kaos Doom Challenge and several full levels that left the impression that the level designs are much improved. We also left the Toys for Bob studio with a few pieces of Trap Team gold. One of which is the almost complete list of villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team. Trapping villains is the new mechanic in this year's Skylanders entry. Using one of the new elementally aligned traps, players can "suck" any of the 40+ bosses … [Read more...]

What’s New in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Mode?

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Mode Marvel

The Disney infinity 2.0 release date is just around the corner (Sept. 23), and we've heard a lot about the toys and characters. The franchises and their associated characters are so important, in fact, that Disney has given the game a "Marvel Super Heroes" subhead even though plenty of other characters will be available. But toys and franchises aside, what's new in the Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box Mode? After all, that's where most gamers will spend the majority of their time, no matter the toy they place on the … [Read more...]

Full Just Dance 2015 Songs List Includes Disney’s Frozen

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Just Dance 2015 screenshot

I just can't Let It Go. The full Just Dance 2015 songs list makes me want to Walk This Way to my local video game retailer. Is the Best Song Ever included in the soundtrack? Yes, sort of. But so are those other two songs, plus 37 others. Ubisoft has unveiled the full Just Dance 2015 songs list, which includes the aforementioned catchy tune from Disney's Frozen, the classic Run DMC and Aerosmith track, and the self-aggrandizing song by One Direction. Just Dance 2015, the latest installment in the dance game … [Read more...]

Hands-On with Skylanders Trap Team Kaos Doom Challenge

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Skylanders Trap Team Kaos Doom Challenge

Toys for Bob created the Skylanders franchise, giving gamers and Activision's accountants millions of reasons to be thankful. Last year's outing, Swap Force, introduced a creative new way to play the game under the guidance of Vicarious Visions. This year's game, Skylanders Trap Team, includes the new ability to trap more than 40 different mini-bosses in a portable trap. But Toys for Bob had one more trick up their collective sleeve, one I got to experience for myself last week. On a visit to Toys for Bob HQ, I had … [Read more...]

Penguins of Madagascar Exclusive to Wii U, Wii and 3DS

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Wii U GamePad

Who said the only exclusive games for Nintendo platforms were first-party? For months that's seemed to be the case at launch, but a new Nintendo-only game is on the way in November from a third-party publisher. Little Orbit, a little-known publisher with a licensing agreement with DreamWorks Animation, announced plans to make the Penguins of Madagascar exclusive to Wii U, Wii and 3DS. The game will ship simultaneously for all three platforms on Nov. 25. The timing isn't just to hit the holiday shopping season, … [Read more...]

Watch Dogs Wii U Release Date to Hack into Black Friday

Nintendo Wii U News and Wii U Game News

Watch Dogs

Wii U owners, your wait for Watch Dogs is almost over. After Ubisoft shipped the game for PS4 and Xbox One earlier this year, owners of a Nintendo platform were left wondering whether they'd be forgotten completely. Not at all. Although Ubisoft has been mum for months, the company has now announced the Watch Dogs Wii U release date as November 18. Although it comes months after the game set sales records for Ubisoft, The Watch Dogs Wii U release date will no doubt give a nice boost to the franchise's total sales. … [Read more...]