Big Plate of Meatballs in Charlie, The Steak is Coming

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DynamicDust, mobile game developer studio, situated in Prague, Czech Republic is pleased to announce new version for their most successful game Charlie, The Steak. In this update prices for “Meatballs” (in-game-currency) are reduced for nearly 90%. Players can now also destroy Charlie in Medium Mode for free. With all these changes the game brings completely new ways of destruction. Moreover few minor bugs are fixed and some code and libraries updated.

If you never heard about Charlie, The Steak, here are some basic facts: Charlie, The Steak is an ultimate stress-breaker game. Charlie is a scapegoat, so you don’t have to hurt yourself or someone else when you are angry. Don’t worry; he’s not a real person or living creature. He is a steak! You can hit him, cut him, burn him or torture him – it all depends of your imagination and your anger. There are 4 modes of destroying Charlie (Well-Done, Medium, Rare and Raw) plus funny Photo mode and Lottery for winning meatballs, our in-game-currency. And you can have this all complete for free!

The full changelog for this new version contains:
* Reduced price of In-App Purchases
* Medium mode is unlocked for free
* Some code and libraries updates
* Upload and share a video bugs fixed
* Other smaller bugs fixed

Charlie, The Steak is available at iTunes for free and is optimized for iPhone 4S or iPad 3rd generation and higher. At this time there is only iOS version available, but Android release is on the way.

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