Wing Up, Unique Physic-Based Game, Launches on iOS and Android

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A new indie game (aren’t they all?) has flown onto iOS and Android today called Wing Up. Wing Up is a physics-based arcade game with original and “aggressively challenging” gameplay featuring lovingly-crafted pixel art and an original retro sound effects that matches the game.

The simple control system in Wing Up will feel familiar to players of 2D endless run games on touch screen devices: tap on the left to ‘wing up’ left, tap on the right to ‘wing up’ right. Players try to keep the bird fly as high as possible without coming into contact with the blocks. This makes for a much more dynamic and challenging experience, and will instantly feel familiar to fans of classic NES platformers.

Wing Up is free to play and features a global leaderboard to save players high score.

Devices Supported:
* All Apple devices running on iOS 6.0 or later
* All Android devices supported in Google Play
* 6.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Wing Up is available worldwide as a Free download on the iTunes App Store (in the Games category) and Google Play.

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