A Creative Gamer, Ali Jaafar Launched an Innovative Puzzle RPG Game “Puzzle Warriorz” on Google Play

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NEW YORK, Dec. 23, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ali Jaafar, a creative gamer launched Puzzle Warriorz (download link) on Google play on December 17. Puzzle Warriorz is a fresh Puzzle RPG game that aimed to provide brand new game experience to mobile gamers without charging any fees.

Puzzle Warriorz differs from other android game apps by making users as fighters in the game. With an amazing puzzle game system, users will be challenged as fighters with 3 types of puzzles in the game. They are:  

Warrior puzzle: Hand–eye coordination 
Mage puzzle: Strategy
Archer puzzle: Reflexes and speed 

“The way my game differs from the rest is that it makes the user the fighter in the game where in other Puzzle rpgs you collect monsters and/or cards to fight for you.” Ali Jaafar said.

Puzzle Warriorz is easy to learn and play, the use of words as a guide to play was limited in the game, so any one that doesn’t know English can still make sense of it.

“BUT I mostly expect kids and young adults to play it.” Ali Jaafar said.

Puzzle Warriorz also features weekly updating. So far Puzzle Warriorz is released as a Beta version, but it will be constantly updated with new levels and skills according to the requests of users. Users could post requests of what they would like to see in the game and get feedback from here: http://puzzlewarriorz.freeforums.org. Thus, Puzzle Warriorz gets users involved in the BETA and they can be involved in creating an awesome final version and have fun along the way.

“We plan on having over 1000 levels and over of 100 unique monsters (including dragons) in our final version and currently have 50+. Also plan on having an upgrade System for the 40+ skills in development currently and all this is also influenced by the users.” Ali Jaafar said.

Puzzle Warriorz is free and funded by ads. Users are able to buy their way out of ads.

Download Puzzle Warriorz on Google Play: Download Link

SOURCE Ali Jaafar

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