Year of the Horse Lucky Indeed for Millions of Baccarat Players; Honored Mobile App Maker Unlocks iPhone Version of Baccarat Solved App for Chinese New Year!

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Chinese Year of the Horse begins Friday and Las Vegas mobile apps maker Zuan Xin Lucky Dragon is bringing luck to millions of Chinese Baccarat players. During first month of Chinese New Year the company is making free the paid iPhone version of its honored Baccarat Solved app.

“This our Red Envelope for tens and tens of millions of Chinese iPhone users around the world,” says David Sofer, company chief game designer and one of the Harvard graduates group that solved the $3 trillion game. “Baccarat secrets declassified, but more than that our app entertains! Free component of Baccarat Solved contains two amazing training tools, really cool simulator, and double fun Baccarat game.”

Special in-app apps for Beijing Guangzhou Zhuhai bullet riders

“By the time that great Chinese bullet train speeds from Beijing to Guangzhou to Zhuhai at the Macau gate, any interested user will understand how to play like a Baccarat master,” asserts the Harvard polymath.

David adds, “Inside are three special apps that can be purchased for next to nothing. Special Lucky Eights Game is a never ending Baccarat game based on lucky number 8 that friends will enjoy together. Lucky Dragon Junket Game transforms players into Baccarat whales those high rollers risking millions a hand in mysterious VIP rooms of Macau. Zuan Xin’s Ultra High Speed Simulator is glowing red lantern.”

Harvard geniuses solved what eluded MIT

No one imagined Baccarat could be solved. MIT professor Ed Thorp who solved Blackjack could not solve Baccarat. But the Zuan Xin group of Harvard graduates did and last May they successfully presented for validation their Baccarat solution to experts at the illustrious triennial International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking. Baccarat Solved recently received honorable mention for most significant mobile game app of 2013 from the prominent game industry community Gamasutra and Zuan Xin Lucky Dragon established its bona fides as world leader in mobile Chinese gambling expert apps when it joined brand name gambling industry giants as a Platinum Sponsor of the 2013 Gaming Hall of Fame Gala starring Celine Dion.

David adds, “This is the message from Master Zuan Xin. May the Year of the Horse be one of strength and overflowing positive energy for Chinese people everywhere, for all people everywhere! Baccarat is a game of skill so Baccarat players everywhere should please install Zuan Xin on their smartphones and learn how to play!”

Zuan Xin Lucky Dragon Baccarat Solved is available free at the iTunes App Store and at Google Play.

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