Classic Double Dragon Fighting Game Hits PlayStation 3 via PSN

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Attention PS3 owners: are you ready for a blast from the past? And for those of us old enough to remember it, are you ready for a moment of reminiscence? The classic Double Dragon fighting game is now available on PS3, PS Vita and PSP through the PlayStation Store.

MonkeyPaw Games today announced its Double Dragon game is available on the PlayStation Network starting at $5.99. You can find it in the PSone Classics section for the PS3, PSP and PlayStation Vita handheld.

Before you get all excited about network play, you should know that the game hasn’t been updated too much in that regard compared to the classic Double Dragon game of yore. It does support one- or two-player gameplay, but only locally. Monkey Paw’s version of the fighting game classic is based on the original Double Dragon franchise.

Its unique fighting gameplay includes character transformations and a position-based approach to combat. This new version of the classic Double Dragon supports 10 selectable fighters with two hidden boss characters.

This release also marks the official start of MonkeyPaw Game’s Retro Rush campaign. The Retro Rush campaign will include the release of six PSone classics during the next six weeks.

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