Leaked List of PS4 PS Plus Free Games for July

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Since we’re nearing the end of June, the July 2014 PS Plus free games list is on PlayStation system owners’ collective mind. The official word from Sony about these games won’t come for at least a week. That is, unless you consider a leaked list of PS4 PS Plus free games for July from the Japanese website “official.”

The leaked list of PS4 PS Plus free games for July was originally posted on Sony’s Asia PlayStation website. The list has since been removed, presumably because it was a sign of the region going rogue rather than following Sony’s established PR plan. Funny how that happens. There’s reason to give the PS Plus July free games list some credence, though, because although it just showed free games for Asian PS Plus subscribers, Sony often has the same list of free PS4 games across all markets. It’s the PS3 and PS Vita lineups that may vary.

Before it was pulled, the leaked list of PS4 PS Plus free games for July showed both Strider and TowerFall Ascension hitting the PS Plus program next month. It would be interesting to see Strider on the free PS4 games list, considering Microsoft just ran a promotion on Xbox One discounting Strider 50% as part of its Deals with Gold program.

Is Sony trying to one-up Microsoft? Or was Microsoft’s one-week promo a prelude to one of their Games with Gold free games for July including Strider? If it’s the latter, the July free games list on both systems would be the first time the PS4 and Xbox One shared a game as part of their PS Plus and Games with Gold programs. That’s not exactly what Microsoft had in mind when it mentioned “parity” across platforms.

Strider, a heavily stylized action game with platforming elements, was originally released in February.

The other game on the leaked list of PS4 PS Plus free games for July arguably has a larger following. TowerFall Ascension was originally released for PS4 in March and dubbed by some as the best game in the PS4’s lineup. It’s a multiplayer title in the purest form of the word, with a refreshing focus on local (same-couch) options.

If this leaked list of PS4 PS Plus free games for July comes true, what do you think of the lineup? Sony made big changes to their PS Plus program in June, and gamers are slowly seeing some of those Instant Collection games disappearing. Does this make you feel like the loss of those games is worth it, or would you rather have the unpredictable but larger-scale program still around? Sound off in the comments below.

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