Halo Feature to be Led by Ridley Scott

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It may not be a Halo feature film, but there’s a new Master Chief movie of sorts being led by Ridley Scott. The confirmation that Scott, best known for his work on the Alien franchise and Blade Runner, is leading a digital Halo feature comes after months of speculation and outright denial that the project was in the works.

According to GameInformer, Ridley Scott will act as Executive Producer on “a Halo digital feature that will launch alter this year.” The Halo feature on which Scott is working is separate from the Halo TV series Microsoft is doing with Steven Spielberg.

Earlier this year, rumors hit the Internet that Scott would be making a Halo feature film. Microsoft promptly squashed that rumor, but presumably by technicality rather than out of a desire to outright lie. Perhaps it was a semantics issue; the Ridley Scott Halo project is being billed as a digital feature rather than a feature film.


Scott is getting some notable help on his digital Halo feature. In addition to David Zucker co-executive producing the project with him, Scott has also tapped director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan. Mimica-Gezzan is best known for his work on Battlestar Galactica, Pillars of Earth and Heroes.

One important element we haven’t yet learned is whether this digital Halo feature will be live-action or computer animated. The Steven Spielberg Halo project is reportedly live action, though details have been almost non-existent since the project was first announced at E3 2013.

Microsoft will supposedly offer more details on this digital Halo project at E3 2014. We’ll be sure to bring you more information about the Ridley Scott Halo feature, as well as the Steven Spielberg Halo TV series, as soon as we learn it. We don’t currently have any idea about the either project’s storyline, but with the producer credentials on board for both, the Halo projects are definitely setup for sci-fi success.

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