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Amazon Kindle Fire Android Tablet: 7 Inches, Nov. 15, Only $199 — Pre-Order Link


Sep 28, 2011 #Amazon, #Kindle, #Pre-order

Android GuyAmazon this morning announced its long-anticipated Android-based tablet. Called Kindle Fire, the 7-inch tablet will ship Nov. 15 and retail for $199. Yes, folks, that’s officially “iPad killer” pricing. You can pre-order the Kindle Fire from Amazon.com by clicking this link: Kindle Fire, Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi.

The Kindle Fire will only ship with a WiFi model, although a 3G model wouldn’t be a complete surprise if and when Amazon gets friendly with one (or three) wireless carriers.

Reports from Amazon’s Kindle Fire unveiling event in New York City indicate that the Kindle Fire is almost identical in size to the BlackBerry PlayBook. The low price, meanwhile, is supported in part because the Kindle Fire has no embedded camera or microphone. Other tech specs read as such: the 7-inch display is an IPS panel with Gorilla Glass coating, the Kindle Fire has a dual-core CPU and a 14.6-ounce body.

In addition, it was unveiled that Whispersync will work with both movies and TV shows, so when users switch to home-TV viewing their movie or show will resume right where they left it on the tablet.

Just to be thorough, here’s that pre-order link again. If you want to get the best deal on a tablet this holiday season, the Kindle Fire is the one to get. Best to pre-order now: Amazon Kindle Fire Pre-Order.

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