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Dear Sony: Try as You Might, You're Not "Dope"


Dec 18, 2006

Somebody over at Sony needs to stop watching the Weird Al “White Guy” video and taking it so seriously. Twice in the past seven days, we’ve received idiotic emails with “this is dope” or “check it peeps” in the headlines. Michael Shelling – we’re asking you now, just stop. All we want to know is what’s coming out and what’s cool about it. Comments in your PR emails like –
“WTF? My Wii strap broke?”
“It’s a pretty dope trailer that shows all the buccaneering-badassery…”
and finally –
“So here’s the dilly: Pile on over to our press website www.———-.com and download that bad boy.
“On the reals, I’ve seen some of the things that these guys have in the hopper for ’07; they’re definitely looking to raise a ruckus in the CCG scene. ”
“The PR party posse are off the grid between Xmas and the New Year”
We hearby call you out for sucky PR attempts at being cool. Didn’t you get enough with the whole PSP fake blog fiasco? Less hip, more “real” please. We let last week’s horror slide, but not this time.
A few tips –
1) Tell your execs to have a little less hubris. Be realistic that you have two hardcore competitors ready to eat your lunch. Else you’ll be in line with Tamburlaine for the “Hubris kills” award.
2) Try blogging or some other form of consumer contact. The press doesn’t seem to like you much any more, somehow, Microsoft’s managed to turn the entire editorial universe to their “side.” Shape up guys…skip the editors, go for bloggers and consumers. Show them why you rule (if you really believe you do).
3) Less hip-hip-hooray in your marketing and more “here’s why our games are better/worse/the same.”

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