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Dawjuh Ball, a Dodgeball/Air-Hockey Hybrid, Heads to iPad


May 31, 2011
Apple logo

Apple logoA new game that mixes elements of air hockey, dodge ball and ping pong has launched in the iPad today under the name “Dawjuh Ball.” It was not immediately clear whether a Boston accent was required to play.

In Dawjuh Ball, players must protect their Dawjuhu Ball from orange and violet orbs that are trying to destroy them. The goal is to outlive the clock and collect points while protecting yourself by taking shelter inside bubble shields and triggering explosives. The dodgeball aspects come into play as gamers strategically dodge and hide behind planks to reflect orbs away from them. Except for the flashing white orbs, which reward players with explosives, extra lives and other goodies and are designed to be grabbed, not avoided.

Dawjuh Ball is compatible with both the original iPad and iPad 2, and requires iOS 3.2 or later. The app’s size is 12.5 MB. If you want to buy it, Dawjuh Ball will only set you back $0.99.

By Shilpa