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It’s A Jungle Out There – Help Norm escape it!


Oct 30, 2012

New York, New York – Norm’s Big Escape from Gamebowl is launching in the coming weeks – pre-release promo codes are available on request now. Norm is an overweight bird with a weakness for beans and a dislike of exercise. This unfortunate combination leads to the ultimate shame for any feathered creature – he can’t fly!

He’d be more than happy to sit back and snack, but when hungry tribesmen invade his jungle home looking for their next meal, Norm has to find some way… any way, to take to the skies! Norm’s Big Escape is an endless vertically-scrolling action game where players must guide Norm through a mystical jungle full of obstacles and dangerous enemies, while staying alive by munching his favourite beans.

Since flying is out of the question, our cuddly hero needs a helping hand. With simple controls, players send Norm on his way by tapping and holding to inflate him, tilting to avoid obstacles, and releasing the screen to let some air out. This also causes Norm to descend, so the balance between keeping Norm rising, and deflating him to squeeze through narrow pathways is key.

A range of power-ups provide action and another layer of excitement to the gameplay. Throughout the jungle backdrop, players collect golden eggs which give Norm a timely boost in the form of invulnerability, extra speed and even the ability to blast those ravenous tribesmen from the scene!

An in-game shop also provides players with the chance to purchase utilities using coins collected through gameplay. Would Norm object to being faster, stronger and better protected? No way!

Perfect for short breaks, or long sessions (this jungle is endless, after all), ‘Norm’s Big Escape’ is a blend of unique setting, and addictive gameplay in the vein of ‘Jet Pack Joyride’, ‘Mega Jump’ and ‘Temple Run’. Players after bragging rights can also post their high scores to Twitter and Facebook.

With ‘Norm’s Big Escape’, Gamebowl has created an original world which they plan to expand with updates and future releases. Whereas most casual games are self-contained, this first peek into Norm’s world is the start of a series of titles which will introduce new characters and adventures to iOS. Perhaps Norm might’ve even slimmed down by then, but don’t hold your breath.

Norm’s Big Escape
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