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JoVe is releasing iAvoid for iPad


Feb 22, 2012

Bruchem, Netherlands – Were proud to launch iAvoid this Thursday. iAvoid is a game for two players on one iPad, it is simple to play and for everyone. It will cost $0.99/Euro0,79. You can set the time that you play, if P1 survives that time he wins. You can also set the lives, if P1 has no lifes left P2 wins. At the begin you can type your name. P1 controls with a joystick and P2 with buttons. With the style Planes you can also launch rockets. This game is also very fun for children.

iAvoid is a innovative game, it’s a brand new game concept.

iAvoid is a game for the whole family, everyone can play it. And the best is, you can play it on one iPad. Can you win from your friends, parents, uncles, aunts, grandpa’s, grandma’s, sisters and brothers?


* P1 You control the car
* P2 You launch cars

* P1 You control the plane and you can also launch missiles
* P2 You launch planes

To be released this Thursday the 23th of February, iAvoid will be a simple game but promises to be very very addictive. For media questions please contact Jordy Versteeg. Promo codes are available on request.

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