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Popular Android Game Wordfeud Lands in the App Store


Apr 14, 2011
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Apple logoAfter seeing 2.6 million downloads on Android devices, the game Wordfeud has finally made its way to the App Store for iPhone, iPod and iPad. And no, iDont know why it took so long to get there. Wordfeud is a refreshing substitute for Words with Friends and Scrabble, as it lets players randomize their playing board so the special tiles (double letter, triple letter, etc.) are placed around the board at random, creating a new gaming experience every time.

Yes, you still get tiles with letters on them to form words and thus earn points. Yes, you can play against those people online on a 15-by-15 tile board. And yes, players have the option to play against their friends or be matched up against random opponents. But it’s the other randomness — the randomly placed special squares — that really make Wordfeud unique, as well as the ability to participate in 30 simultaneous games and chat with opponents tying in custom avatars.

Wordfeud, which is free to download and available right now, requires iOS 4.0 or later and is 8.0MB in size.

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