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Ultimate Disassembly Project on Kickstarter

San Francisco, California – ‘Ultimate Disassembly’ is developed by Noble Empire, an indie gamedev company that distinguished itself with a successful multi-platform ‘Gun Dissassembly 2’ app, with millions of downloads and DLC sales. ‘Ultimate Disassembly’ will support multiple platforms as well (Win, Mac, iOS, Android (tablets and phones), browser-based Unity 3D).

The models slated for initial release are:
* The Delorean Time Machine
* F4U Corsair (US WWII fighter)
* Mi-24 Hind (Soviet gunship used in the 1980s Afghan War)
* HMMWV, or Humvee (ubiquitous modern US military vehicle)

The choice of models for ‘Ultimate Disassembly’ is based on their real-world popularity and historical significance, the influence of their design on engineering, and on user suggestions.

The level of detail is extremely high. All the models are developed in-house, using actual schematics, photo references and first-hand expert knowledge. The result is both photo-realistic and mechanically correct model, with all the parts animated manually. Currently every model takes several months to complete (even with a group of full-time employees on the job).

To appreciate the complexity, Operation mode features multi-layered X-ray vision and “slow time” functions: you can track each engine cycle or watch a shell clear the barrel in “bullet time”. Naturally, user always has full camera and zoom control. Every model has several modifications, from Humvee combat variants to sport car custom parts and paint jobs. Everything works as it should: engines cycle, rudder cables move, landing gear retract, turret motors turn, guns load, cock and fire. Even the fictional Time Machine features are implemented: from Flux Capacitor to garbage-fueled Mr. Fusion attachment.

Boasting photo-realism, convincing sound effects and precise animations, Ulitmate Disassembly can be enjoyed both by the casual user and the aviation, military and car enthusiasts. Also, the application’s Game mode lets user set personal disassembly/assembly time records and compete against global high scores. ‘UD’ is unique in its ability to visually demonstrate the function, location, and interaction of hundreds of parts in the mechanism – the task no amount of schematics, even animated, cannot achieve.

“In real life the thing just works – but you never know how many parts are interacting at the same time to make it happen,” says Valeriy, Project manager for Noble Empire. “After all, every little kid has the urge to know what’s inside his or her toys; for some, the urge just never goes away.”

‘Ultimate Disassembly’ builds on Noble Empire’s previous experience: more than 3 years of developing and selling other disassembly games. The Kickstarter campaign is aimed at expanding the staff and funding the release of a new, bigger product, without ceasing support for other applications. All rewards for investors include the product itself, some with Lifetime Access bundles for all future models (basic method of purchase is “models as low-priced DLCs”).

Examples of models’ features. Delorean Time Machine will have a lot of effects and features associated with its function, such as Flux Capacitor animation, Mr. Fusion refueling (with a banana peel), acceleration to 88 mph and others. Humvee will have several modifications (Base, Cargo/Troop Carrier, TOW Missile Carrier, Basic Armor Pack, Soft Top Ambulance). Mi-24 Hind gunship will demonstrate various fundamental helicopter principles: swashplate function, tail rotor, helicopter control system.

“When a mechanism works, it’s like a living thing. This is my inspiration for animating it.” – Alex, animator, Noble Empire

Disassembly mode, where users practice taking the model apart, offers two difficulty levels, Normal and Casual. At the Normal setting, all of the possible parts are interactive, while in the Casual mode subsets of parts disassemble automatically after they are removed. In any case, the disassembly must follow a specific sequence – there is no linear order to it, but rather realistic limitations.

“It’s like a puzzle game, in that you need to know what part relies on another to function, and what is the proper order of their assembly.” – Sergio, 3D artist, Noble Empire

Disassembly/Assembly mode has a fluid hint system, text labels for every part, undo function, and X-ray view. Users can leave Disassembly mode anytime, and later attempt to reassemble the partially completed model. Finally, the Game mode gives players an opportunity to test their knowledge, memory, and coordination, as they try to disassemble and reassemble a model in the shortest time possible.

Noble Empire
Ultimate Disassembly
Kickstarter Project
YouTube Video

Located in San Francisco, California, Noble Empire’s main goal is to create entertainment applications for interactive manipulation and in-depth analysis of real-life objects. At the end of 2010, they acquired VK Team, a development company whose technology was used for the Gun Disassembly iOS projects. These high-tech products allowed users to disassemble, assemble, and operate modern firearms on the Apple iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Following their acquisition, Noble Empire’s dev team is now twice as large and consists of more than twenty experienced programmers and artists. With these increased possibilities, they plan to expand the Gun Disassembly application to all mobile and desktop platforms: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 7, and others. They plan to release at least one new model per month. Copyright (C) 2013 Noble Empire Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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