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Mac version of Nihilumbra will hit stores on September 25th


Sep 11, 2013

Barcelona, Spain – BeautiFun Games today is proud to announce that the Mac version of Nihilumbra will hit stores on September 25th. This enhanced version of the original iOS game is what Nihilumbra would have been if it were a desktop game from the very beginning. Besides additional relevant info, Nihilumbra promises lots of new additions and improvements that are listed in the press kit.

Use the power of the colors to change the world around you, and join Born on his adventure while he tries to stay alive and escape from his inevitable fate: being consumed by the pure emptiness. The Void. Story, puzzles, challenges, terrifying enemies, lots of hours of gameplay, unlockable modes, and tons of fun, everything with artistic aesthetics, promising intuitive and simple controls.

The game won’t be released on Steam yet. Right now it’s on the 27th position on Greenlight and, as soon as the game gets greenlit, Steam codes will be sent to everyone who has bought the game in any other store.

The original music themes of the game have been remastered for this new version. The soundtrack is already available for pre-order at bandcamp for $4, and it includes both the original and the remastered themes. It will be released the same day as the Mac game, on September 25th.

Pricing and Availability:
Nihilumbra will be priced at $9.99 (9.99 Euro – 7.99 GBP), but right now it’s already available for pre-order at some digital stores such as Desura, Mac Game Store or Gamersgate with a 10% discount. Also it will be available via Mac App Store on the release date. There are press codes available for reviews. To receive one, just contact us.

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