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New Rise Of War Game Launching Jan. 15 for iOS


Jan 14, 2014

RAJ Animation today announced its Rise Of War game for iOS is set to launch January 15 (tomorrow) in the Apple Store. Rise Of War is different from most defense games, which tend to support only single players, focus on wave after wave of the same enemy, and come with predefined targets.

Instead, this new Rise of War game is a multiplayer defense game featuring strategically designed waves and random targets that vary according to the skill level of competitor opponents every time a user plays.

Rise Of War utilizes the historical context of World War One as the game’s backdrop, to captivate the intensity of war. It is the brainchild of Kiran Pichika, who set out to create an immersive game where players can customize their challenge with up to three friends in one online multiplayer turn based game.

The custom in-game Game Center UI supports friends and game center matching, leaderboards and achievements.

The tactical Rise Of War is optimized for the iOS mobile platform and every battle is a challenge round against friends and foes. The battle strategy is easy to understand and learn to play, and geared toward all types of players, from casual gamers to those serious core gamers who can progress to RiseOfWarXtreme- a top level within the game.

Rise Of War sports exquisite HD graphics and was created with an easy to learn interface that provides intuitive help screens for nine varying battles. There are seven towers and twelve enemy units where hidden powers bring randomness into the game every time it is played. The innovative game app incorporates multiple in-game selectable features and upgrades, so players can take more control of fielded weapons where every battle is unique and played strategically according to its own score and approach.

Rise Of War is a Universal APP that supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. “Rise Of War” also includes a social aspect where players can get social by sharing and telling the world about their wins through Facebook and Twitter integrations.

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