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Skylanders Trap Team Chef Pepperjack

The List of Villains You Can Trap in Skylanders Trap Team

In some extended hands-on time with Skylanders Trap Team last week we played the new Kaos Doom Challenge and several full levels that left the impression that the level designs are much improved. We also left the Toys for Bob studio with a few pieces of Trap Team gold. One of which is the almost complete list of villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team.

Trapping villains is the new mechanic in this year’s Skylanders entry. Using one of the new elementally aligned traps, players can “suck” any of the 40+ bosses out of the game and into a real-world plastic trap, then play as that villain later in the game. The mechanic’s pretty cool, to be honest. Toys for Bob has gone to great lengths to make the little piece of plastic seem “alive,” complete with little conversational pieces that the villain makes while trapped in the plastic.

The gameplay implications are nice, but people have been asking what bosses they’ll actually be able to trap. Activision has remained mum, saying repeatedly at the event that there are “more than 40” but they couldn’t divulge the final count or a full list of list of villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team. After some sleuthing, we’re happy to exclusively share the answer to most of that question.

Flipping through the various Trap Team menus on the iPad version uncovered several different things. (The tablet versions of the game have full content parity with the console versions, so this information should be accurate.) For instance, there currently appear to be 46 villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team. Over time and through possible in-game updates that number may increase, but that’s the data we saw last week.

That number is impressive, because it essentially means gamers can play as 46 new characters in addition to all the real-world toys they can buy in the store. Translation: that’s a ton of gameplay variety.

But who are those 46 villains? We saw the names for 38 of them, with the remaining eight villains presumably scheduled to come from the Sun and Moon elements that leaked out of the event we attended but haven’t yet been officially announced. Since those new Skylanders elements haven’t been announced, it makes sense that we don’t know the names of their associated villains.

For the other nine elements, we have the goods.

In the Magic element, the list of villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team includes:

  1. Bomb Shell
  2. Rage Mage
  3. Pain-Yatta

There are a few more villains aligned with the Water element:

  1. The Gulper
  2. Cross Crow
  3. Brawl and Chain
  4. Chill Bill
  5. Slobber Trap
  6. Treatpack

Using an Air-aligned trap gamers will be able to capture the following villains:

  1. Dreamcatcher
  2. Buzzer Beak
  3. Krankenstein
  4. Bad Juju

The Undead element has four villainous mini bosses:

  1. Wolfgang
  2. Bone Chompy
  3. Masker Mind
  4. Hood Sickle

On the Tech side of the house, the list of villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team is:

  1. Dr. Krankcase
  2. Shrednaught
  3. Trolling Thunder
  4. Bruiser Cruiser
  5. Brawlrus
  6. Mablobs

Looking for some Fire aligned villains? You’ll have four of them to trap:

  1. Chef Pepperjack
  2. ScrapShooter
  3. Grinade
  4. Smoke Scream

The villains you can pop into an Earth trap include:

  1. Golden Queen
  2. Chomp Chest
  3. Tussle Sprout
  4. Grave Clobber

As for Life-aligned mini bosses, there are six villains, many of which have seen quite a bit of publicity already:

  1. Chompy Mage
  2. Cuckoo Clocker
  3. Shield Shredder
  4. Sheep Creep
  5. Broccoli Guy
  6. Chompy

The final villain we can identify needs no introduction. In fact, his own “element” of Kaos gives him away. However, the only way you can trap Kaos is buy buying the Dark Edition of the game, which includes the Kaos trap. The Kaos trap at the moment doesn’t appear to be available for individual sale.

As stated above, if 46 is the final number of trappable villains, then there are still eight we don’t know how to place. Somewhere split between the Moon and Sun elements are Fisticuffs, Eye Five and Eye Scream — all three of whom were part of the leak — though the remaining five are TBA.

If you happen to buy the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders Trap Team, you’ll also have access to 14 exclusive villains: Dream Sheep, Bobbon Rood, Runys PointyBoots, Shelshock Sheldon, Baron Von Smashbeak, Spike McPokerton, Birdo Chesterfield, Marf Gargaroots, Olaf Crushersson, Russel Purplestache, Boris Blisterbottom, Grunkin Gobsprout, Bucktooth the Tiny and Big Bertha Bubblethorn.

While this may not be the complete list of villains you can trap in Skylanders Trap Team, it’s pretty darn close as far as we can tell. Even if the Sun and Moon elements and villains aren’t revealed until 2015, there’s clearly a lot of fun still to be had trapping and playing as the villains we know about.

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